Friday, January 16, 2015


Another thing I have been lax on is
my reading. Have had so many scrap jobs
that once its time to go to bed I am falling asleep
or Mr. Big and I have plans.
So for this year, I have laid down at least one book
read a week, which is not a lot considering I used to 
read about three a week. no life..cough,
So as my first book for the new year,
I bought it on my way home from Vegas and
it is one I can almost not put down.
So well written story line can make you cry.
It begins on the life of a very smart fifty year old
Yale professor who teaches cognitive psychology.
Then her life begins to crumble as she finds
herself lost on the same campus she not only teaches
but also attended as a student.
Your heart breaks for her and her family
as she is diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimers disease.
The book follows the life she is loosing and has no
control over and how this is affecting her three grown children
and the husband she loves deeply who also works at yale.
Being a nurse, I understand the medical part of 
Alzheimers but even without that, you will be
stuck on this book. It's one of those that you cannot
wait to see how it ends and you also read a tad slower
because you just don't want it to end.
When I rate it, (yes, I am a geek who writes and rates 
the books she reads) It will be hard for me to just give
it a 5. I may have to give it the very rare 6, depending 
on how it ends. So, if you looking for a good read,
this is one. Even if you don't like to read, this one
you will love.
That is my book review, first of 2015.

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