Monday, April 6, 2015


Laughing this morning as I read the above post
for more than one reason.
One of the days I went to see what I hope to
call "My Cottage" soon,
the owners boyfriend showed the cottage to us.
Ronnie had come with me to give it a look over,
make sure I was getting a good home.
A nice, talkative guy, liked to talk-like me.
As we walk together, he explains that besides
his girlfriend, only the elderly lady who now
is dead lived in the home.
I ask excitedly,
" Do you think she died in the house????"
"No I am almost sure she did not"
he thinks he is comforting me.
"Shucks" I answer.
"Shucks, shucks?" He asks.
I explain how I love old houses and always
hoped to one day live in a haunted house.
He looks at me like I am crazy, looks at 
Ronnie, knowing he is soon to be my ex-husband.
and says,
"No wonder you getting a divorce!"
Hahhaha I swear this guy cracked me up with that comment.
So if the old lady's spirit still in the house, 
I hope she lets her presence be known.
As for the young man....
hope he keeps that sense of humor!

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