Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ya learn something new every day....

when BB and kd bought their first home
on Kirtley, I came up to help him clean as
Kd had to work. 
To rest, I sat on their front swing
and wondered why the siding under
their porch eaves, was blue when
the rest was brown. It seemed strange
to me that the color would be different than the
rest of the house.
Last week, went to the cottage when the 
appraiser came I noticed that 
even there, the underneath of the porch was painted
this blue color when all the rest of 
the house is white and black.
I mention the the appraiser and the
girl I am buying from,
"I guess I will paint this ceiling to match
the rest of the house"
Both of them replied in unison,
"I wouldn't that is Mud-dowber blue"
Then I learn something new.
The reason things here in Plaquemine are painted
blue under neath and the color actually has
it's own name is that the color is to keep
bugs and those "mud dowbers" that make
holes in wood away. Must work because
none of them have seen a mud dowber
or many spiders around. 
I ask, there is actually a color o paint that color??
Yep, here in Plaquemine there is.
So I will follow tradition and keep my underhands
mud dowber blue. DTB we just get gecko's
to eat our bugs...

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