Thursday, April 30, 2015


Yesterday was the day.
The day I handed over the money to buy
my little cottage in the garden district of Plaquemine.
It will still be a few weeks before I can move 
as the owner will stay there until her new home
is ready but I can come and go in the home
as I want and can start working on things I
would like done before I move. 
I am so pumped up but more proud,
proud that I did it all by myself.
Ron and I, we have bought many homes together.
He was always the one who did to work it took
to buy and although I appreciated that,
this time it was my baby and I feel so 
proud of me. To see my name on the deed
only, refreshing. My new start on life will
begin soon and this cottage will say so much of me
that people will walk in and if they know me,
they will thing,
"Oh this is so Lilly's home"
I see many memories being made there with my grandchildren,
those present and those not yet present.
It's a great feeling and this morning,
because I can go in the house when the old owner is working
and I can do things in it to prepare it for 
my move. When I get back from that cruise on June 7th,
I will have the excitement of the real move....
So, so happy today!


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