Sunday, April 12, 2015


There are those days in our lives that everything, everything
goes right and a family score from the minute they awaken.
Such was the case yesterday for my niece and nephew's
The Lafont's. 
First Malaina left on her own for the day to try 
out for LCO cheerleader.
Now much I can blog about this child, would take me
all day. She is almost always happy,
and always, always dancing.
She has a talent that others must envy.
She dances competition dance and often I tell her
she could definitely dance with Abby Lee Miller
on Dance Mom's. She is so much better than some
on that team.
So yesterday, her Mommy has to leave her at LCO 
to do this on her own....
by the end of the day...
Our Mee Mee is an LCO cheerleader! 
I cannot believe our girl is old enough to be going 
to LCO but I know she deserves to cheer there!
After many years, her mom, Cindy,
sitting in stands watching boy sports, she finally
gets to see her little girl cheer.
How she prayed for this child.
She hit the gold mine when she received her little girl!
Congrats Malaina!
It was a bittersweet day for their Mom, 
her baby girl now a Middle school cheerleader,
and her middle child, our Darcy, 
having his senior prom....
as she texted me yesterday,
Darcy another sweet, funny, lovely child.
I don't think this boy has one enemy.
Ya can't be around Darcy and not laugh.
This boy has so much self confidence it is awe inspiring.
So his Mother gets him ready for prom with 
his beautiful date and he is off.
 While her oldest, Jrew also gets ready for prom.
He graduated last year, but his girlfriend is not done
so he too was a prom date. 
Jrew is a hard worker, funny he was off this day.
His work ethics are much to be proud of,
So different from his brother, Darcy but they 
are still such good friends.
Yep, a big but emotional day for one Momma!

 Then, like this is not just enough to be proud of,
Cindy finds out a little later, her son,
our Darcy, voted Prom King!
What an honor, voted by his peers!
Told ya he was a special kid.
His prom queen, although not his date,
are friends of mines little girl,
Hannah. Another very sweet child.

So in a world where so much is said about 
the negativity of teens, here are three special teens
in one household. What makes the Lafont's special?
Well besides I, being their aunt, (cough, cough, sarcasm)
I know much about their lives, and their mother
has been their lifeline.
Their Dad worked much as they grew so much
of the parenting was done single handedly by their Mom
and let me say this,
she has done not one, but three wonderful jobs
as she has always, always, put her babies first.
One day, as it is moving fast,
she will find herself, like me,
with three adult children (except i have 2)
and can look back on this day as one 
where all went right 
and the Lafont's stole the day,
April 11, 2015.
Love to all you Lafont's 
so proud of you all!!!!1

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