Wednesday, May 6, 2015

growing old alone...

I have been on cloud nine for the week 
having signed on the cottage and having
work done on it even though I am not ready to move.
So I rush into Wally world for a few things I need
before picking up Bean at school on Monday
but not too rushed to see an older gentlemen
sitting on the outer bench.
He is alone, I see him mumbling to himself,
I know its to himself as he is not one to wear
that blue tooth gadget in his ear.
I take a moment to watch him
His pants don't match, he sits and whispers.
For one moment, I think of getting old alone.
Being single now I wonder, will I be that way 
in years from now, all alone, sitting on a Wally bench
waiting for someone to come and tell me it's time to come home.
I say always, that I am so much more content,
so much more relaxed and happy since single.
Now buying my own home,
I feel independent, today I painted
and felt proud. Then I see this little man 
and I feel an urge to tear up.
As much as I want to be single, I don't want to
grow old by myself. No one should.
Shoot, I think I don't want to grow old at all.
I have a blast right now yet, I am almost 52.
MY years are catching up on me.
So as I leave Wally world and my little man
is still sitting I bid him a good evening,
he only waves. I smile because I will not be him.
I have my children and thankfully, Ron and I have
saved and bought the things we need to be able
to live in assisted living should we need to.
So the cottage is my forever home until
it's time to move into St. Joseph Manor.
Take the time to be something to an older person 
you know.

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