Saturday, May 9, 2015


Geeze, I should just rewrite this blog,
Mumsie's Cottage or just start another
blog with stories of the cottage, but I won't,
so if ya not interested.... sorry.... now on to the topic.
I hate leaving all my great neighbors here on the Island.
There are the triplets next door and their great parents,
and there are my Linda and Lionelle across the street
who have become almost a necessity to me since
I have become single. I could cry thinking of
not having them across the street even though
I know we will remain close.
Which brings me to the blog.
Remember old Mr. Rogers? My Dad hated him
said any man who likes being around other
peoples kids that much has something wrong with them.
Ahhh that Freddie, he was a character.
Anyway, Mr Rogers used to sing a song that I 
sing to my grand babies,
"... I always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
I always wanted to live in your neighborhood its true...."
Yeah I am weird like that but if you follow this blog,
you already know that also.
I had been introduced by Molly to my new neighbor
at the cottage. We share a driveway and our backyards are
also cozily close. Yesterday, she and I had our 
second conversation and we are both so excited
about both being retired and both loving a good
cup of coffee. She then goes on to tell me
her daughter and Kd's mom were best friends
in highschool so even her kids are so excited about
my move. I hugged that little Mrs. Shirley,
an elderly but spry being who is a little bitty thing
who still drives and dresses nicely.
She is leaving to go to Houma to spend time
with one of her daughters and as I hug
her goodbye I feel that gro-cud
for those who don't know, that lump in my throat.
I, for the first time in two years,
am reminded of the Mother I had before she had
dementia, the mother who Mrs. Shirley reminds me
of and I realize, If I had to pay the price it would cost
to have a neighbor such as Mrs. Shirley,
I could not have afforded this sweet little cottage.

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