Thursday, May 7, 2015


I grew up in my little town of Golden Meadow and
had not seen a black person until I was 5 and hospitalized.
There I had many black nurses who became close
to me and the best nurses ever.
Yet, I still grew up with very few blacks in my life.
In highschool, we had 10 graduates in my class
of 300 something. I never really talked or thought
about prejudice until I became an adult. 
There were just not that many in my life.
Then I crossed the intracoastal to become a 
school nurse at Raceland Upper then the next 10 years
in Thibodaux Elementary.
I honestly thought, before then that black parents
loved their children less.
I am embarrassed to say this now,
Because the 12 years school nursing taught me
they love their children tremendously, just differently.
Of course, you have those both white and black
who can love better.
I say all of this for one reason.
This morning, on social news I come across an article
where a little girl wrote an apology as to why
she could not go to her black friends bday party.
Children are not born prejudiced.
They learn that from their elders....
This opened my eyes.
As a school nurse, I also had my eyes opened by those
little children, both black and white who liked, played,
loved each other. This saddened me. this did not
come from the child as she so wanted to go to that party.
Because of the close mindedness of her father she missed it.
Children are innocent, they grow to be something different,
depending on their family background, but at school,
they all love each other, I want to learn to love all
from this  little girl as well as all the other children 
who see no color when choosing their friends.

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