Friday, May 8, 2015

Cruise vs. MOVE

Before the idea of buying the cottage came to be,
and Ron showed me a way I could do it,
Teri-Girl, my godchild, who is graduating this year,
scheduled a cruise as her senior trip.
She actually wanted her Mom and I to go.
Of course, it may be that she has ulterior motives
for wanting us there, I was still touched that she 
wanted us to go. So Tiffy booked us this awesome room,
because she had been on quite a few so she
was able to upgrade our room to one with a balcony...
I am/was so excited...
then the cottage was bought and now I am so torn.
OF course, I am still going on the cruise,
it's paid and would not miss this, my very first cruise,
but it is also the very week the family I bought
from is moving out into their own new home.
I am so itching to be in there, unpack all my treasures
I have collected over my lifetime and
make that cottage my own.
MY OWN HOME, just me, owned 
with only my name on the deed,
well it is just such a good feeling.
I know had Ron and I worked this life out,
we still would not have been as happy as we both are
right now apart. We have found an amicable space
where we can be friends and let the idea of the
thirty year marriage go. 
There are so many things I can't wait to do in my cottage
and soon it will be here,
just wish the timing of the cruise and move were different...
all will work out,
I am just terrible about delayed gratification.

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