Monday, May 4, 2015

glass knobs, bring back memories.....

There are so many things in my little
that I am so glad Mol's
(blog name I will use for the seller who is now my friend)
did so much of the hard work on the inside for me,
leaving things like this:
 So hard for me to remember what I have and have not already
shared on my blog, so just going with the heart.
Mol's kept all the original light switches and door knobs
to the home. She did not just leave them, 
she took them down, cleaned them, painted them and put them back.
How can I ever thank her for all that hard work??
Today I want blog about glass knobs.
No these are not the ones brand new made to look old,
they are original to the home...
Not just a knob in a hole, but  surrounded by
what I consider art.
Brings me back to being a child, my home growing up
had these same knobs, ours had key holes where 
skeleton keys fit. When the key was not in, it was a peep
hole into the next room. Always had
to throw a towel over the knob in the bathroom to
ensure privacy and no one looking at ya.
Remember, I was the baby of seven,
23 years between me and my oldest sibling.
Making for little nieces and nephews the right height to
sneak peak through the keyhole.
Yet for me, it was the glass knobs that had my imagination.
As much as I am a socialite now, as a little 5 to 7 year old,
I was little girl fighting cancer.
I spent lots of time alone.
So when looking into these glass knobs I saw people.
I saw into the homes of others.
The memory I remember the most is one day,
Looking into the middle of the knob,
I watched a party going on.
It was not in a home, but more a building
like our church party room, called 
The LaSalette Center.
In that big room were many tables, people talking
and laughing, dancing.
It reminded me of the many weddings I had been to 
at that very building. Then as I was dreaming my little story,
I noticed a little boy, probably about my age.
He was dressed in what I remember to be a little
short and shirt in the nautical look, you know,
little pinstripe, white and light blue with a wide
collar and  came to front to tie in a big knot right
to the front. The year had to be much older than where
I was on my side of the knob, which was 69ish.
Then all of a sudden, this little boy, also
noticed his side of the knob and as I looked,
I saw him come right to the knob of his side
and put his own eye to the glass.
It scared me for a minute, like I was caught.
I jumped away and out of that room.
The memory stays with me even after over 40 years!
Maybe it is because I had a few dreams 
consistent with the imagination of that day.
I am sure, as I settle into 
I will, more than once, place my eye to those glass knobs
just to see what is on the other side.
Thanks, Mol, for the sweat you put into our cottage!

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