Thursday, July 30, 2015


I have met a wonderful set of friends 
since moving to Plaquemine.
Our first encounter was the second day
I went to see the home on the Island.
Linda walked over to introduce herself.
Right away, I knew we would be friends
I just did not just how close we would become.
Then on one of my first trips to Wally World,
I met her "better half" Lionelle.
A wonderful couple who have been together
since they were mere children,
married when they still were children.
They are the epitome of what a "forever couple"
are.  As I lived on the Island, we became closer and 
closer and when I became single, Lionelle took
it upon himself, with Linda's approval, of course,
to do those things around that needed tending to.
For instance, my garbage was always brought up
to my garage after emptied by the garbage truck.
If my gas outdoor light went out because of 
the weather, it was lit before I could ask.
The other day, I brought my vacuum and mop
to the big house to clean and here comes
Lionelle to help me unload the heavy vacuum.
Our friendship still remains, even though we
are no longer neighbors. This is what makes
these people special to me and forever friends.
When I found the cottage, before I had anything
in it and was cleaning, I heard my doorbell ring.
As I looked to the back door, there are my dear ones,
Linda and Lionelle.
MY first visitors at the new cottage.
Linda and I took the tour and Lionelle 
took his own tour, noticed my closet light
was not working and my kitchen stove fan was also
not working. He promised to come back 
and get those things fixed.
Really he did not have to but yesterday, 
he and Linda showed up to work on my "honey doo"
list. Linda and I joking, on how appreciative I am
that she allows me to use him as my husband also,
but just to complete my honey doo lists,
there are many jokes surrounding that idea.
However, it is to be said right here and now,
those two are together until the end,
dating since they are teens, there love is still
something that can be seen without a word said.
What a marriage should be....
Okay so, back to the story. First, Lionelle finds
the problem of my closet light, drives to the
electric store that is less than 5 minutes from my house,
and buys the piece I need while Linda and I stay visit.
Within a half hour...
I can now see what is in my closet in my bedroom!
I would have been happy with just this,
but not Lionelle, on to the fan on
my stove overhead. 
Taking it apart as Linda and I watch and
catch up on life. 
The motor is burnt on the overhead fan.
This is the explanation of why they
will never be just old neighbors to me...
I tell them, because they are heading out tomorrow
for a vacation, just leave me the broken piece,
I will buy the new piece and he can
come after vacation to replace it. 
There is no hurry as its been broken since
I moved. Nope, not good enough for my dear friends.
I have so many scrap jobs to do,
so they offer, no not offer, demand
that they are going to drive to Baton Rouge
to a store they know of that keep parts for older
appliances. It does not matter what I say,
they will do it. I go back to scrapping and
they head out. A few hours later, back
with the part, Lionelle replaces it and
I not only now have light in my closet, but
I have a fan above my stove.
And this, my dear followers, is just one of the 
reasons these people will always be my dear friends!
You don't get this lucky very often and yet,
I have been blessed with this type of friend
thought my life.
So, I tease my dear friends,
"I will make another honey doo list for when
our husband and you get back from vacation"
Linda jokingly says she will share his work ethics with
me but the line is drawn there, he is her hubby only!
That is a fact, known by all who love and know them,
they remain, since they were children in love forever,
something that is rare in our world of today.
thanks again my dear friends,
forever indebted to you two!
Promise to make your cake when y'all get back from 
Love the both of ya!

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