Friday, January 1, 2016


A few days ago I lost an old friend,
Donna Kiffe, the tangles our lives have touched
over the years is too much to go into but
our lives mingled many times and she was a
dear friend, a great mother, and recently a
mother-in-law to my Lacy gal.
But this post does not focus on her loss as
it actually was her gain. I have never
met a more spiritual woman like Donna.
Although she was homebound, Facebook
kept her active in all our lives, I will forever
be grateful for that.
Her loss to us has me realizing what a year
it has been for Earthly loss and Heavenly gains.
Donna, like my cousin, Fay were avid fans
of me blog, both would send private messages
if I hit the nail on the head about a topic,
and a little nudge if I went too long for them
to write one.
I believe in life after so I am saddened for us,
but not for all those I have loss this year.
Let this be the year we put behind silly grudges 
and find good in all those we love and 
even those we are not very fond of. 
Let 2016 be the year that we work hard
to make amends to those we love even if they 
may not deserve it. Let the luncheon gatherings
all around the world be of happiness and thankfulness
for what we have. Life really is too short.
I have seen that this year, having loss many young
friends also through tragedies that just didn't seem right.
May the year of 2016 be the one we put hostility aside,
piss the Devil off so bad he goes away for good.
Let us all see where we can be disciples of our Big Man 
whether it be just giving a young Mother a break
for a few hours or carrying the empty garbage cans
of a neighbor back to where it belongs following
garbage pick up. Small things, equal the big things
it is all just about being better than we thought
we could be. Lets spend time to write a letter to that
old friend we haven't seen in so long, to 
find a pen pal via snail mail and share your thoughts
of life with them. I am not one to make a 
New Years resolution, this year won't be the 
year I make a huge list and break them all come
January 3rd. Instead, lets just add and scratch off
that bucket list we should all have.
Having lost so many great people this year,
write, write, write. Journal who you are,
When you are gone, leave a piece of who you are
for those others to remember you by.
Most importantly, live...
don't just breathe, but live.
Happy New Year to all of you! 
Cyber hugs to you all filled with love!

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