Friday, January 23, 2015

I SAW IT....

Yes, yesterday myself and my new pal, Cat,
Now more than ever, I best not hear that this man
was not a hero. He was a hero and it changed him.
Few things I did not know,
I did not know that the movie,
based on the book by the same name, American Sniper
was written about the man who the movie is portrayed by,
Chris Kyle.
There is so much hype in the media about the fake babies
that were used in the movie, yes its obvious
that while Chris and his wife are talking,
the baby they are carrying around is fake
but don't let that distract you from the movie.
I read of this before I left and the reasons
they used fake babies,
it's because the laws where the movie was filmed
are so strict on infant acting that it was easier
for the short time, to use a mechanical baby.
I also did not know the movie would end the 
way it did.
Chris Kyle,  finally after 5 tours is home,
it takes him months maybe years to get
his life back. 
The scene leaves you with him finally showing
signs of normal towards his kids and wife,
he is planning to go shooting at the range with
another war veteran who suffers from PTSD
(post traumatic stress disorder)
You see, this hero, Chris Kyle, did not
stop being a hero as a civilian,
he continued to help war veterans who suffered.
He kisses his wife goodbye with a promise
of a romantic night, You are so relieved 
that after all he has done he is finally with his 
family, he is going to be okay.
He walks out to greet a young man who 
looks definitely troubled, they talk of
going to the shooting range.
The movie ends with this.
Then on the big black screen you read
I could not wait to get in Cat's car to google.
Sure enough, he was shot dead at point blank range
by the same young man who he was trying to help.
Another hero of this war.
It is a must see movie, and as I laid in my bed
last night thinking of this movie,
I realize the young man who killed him,
yes he was wrong but he was also a hero/victim of this war.
Chris Kyle could have been the one
who came home to suffer the way this young man did.
He sits in a prison, as he should, but he
is not the only one guilty for this crime.
A long, overdue to end war, it is guilty too.
deep thoughts here in this Riera mind....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


You just never know when God will work his thing
using you as a vessel to his message.
I love my Clinique girl.
Each time I walk in our local Stage I hope she
is there. Yesterday she is, 
I mean it's Clinique "free gift" month.
I don't even know her name, sadly.
I know she has probably told me,
and its funny that I notice the pink ribbon pin
on her lapel of her white lab coat but
have no recollection of what her name 
tag states. Knowing me, I ask about the pink
ribbon made of pink stones.
She explains that the month of October, being
Breast cancer awareness month
Clinique sent one to each their employees this beautiful 
pin to wear. She goes on to explain she 
continued to wear it because her mother just 
completed chemotherapy.
Yes, the nosy me needed to enquire more.
"My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer."
Right away, I know that this diagnosis is grim.
There are two types of cancers you do not want to have
one is Pancreatic the second is ovarian.
But the Clinique girls' mom's story is a miraculous one.
You see, she was going about her business that
mom of hers, gaining a little weight here and there,
believing it was just her age, a beer belly she joked.
Finally though her belly became big enough 
that it took her to the doctor where they found
a 9 pound fibroid in her uterus. (the poundage may
be a little off but it was big!")
Right away surgery was scheduled to remove
this tumor that was benign but the same size
as a baby. She was recovering fine when
the biopsy report came in that one ovary was
found to have had a small spot of cancer.
Just because it was there, even though the docs
said she would be fine they recommended few doses
of chemo. I share with this child of her Mother
that tumor was a life saver. Had her Mom not
had that tumor, by the time she would have
had symptoms of ovarian cancer, it would 
may have been too late to save her.
The young woman is teary-eyed.
Says she never looked it like that.
She asks what does this mean for her,
who has a three year old child.
I say that she needs a good GYN appointment
so she can begin prophylactic testing
as it is a genetic disease.
She thanks me profusely and we speak for a
small bit, of how God works, that
a small pin on her lapel can cause the 
transaction as it did. I depart with a hug,
I mean she is MY CLINIQUE GIRL,
and she says she will make an appointment today
with her gynecologist.
Oh that Big Man, amazing how he works.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


NO, I have not seen the movie yet, but I will.
I am a Howard Stern listner, I can now say
that with confidence as my children are now grown
and I can come out the closet.
I was before a "closet Howard Stern listner"
Now I am an avid listener to his show,
even pay for Xm radio to hear him.
This morning after dropping off Bean at school,
I put on my fave. and he is discussing the movie,
There are so many people out there saying bad
things about this movie, saying 
Snipers, trained by our own military are not hero's 
and this show is making them out to be that.
I am sorry, in my eyes, each and every one of
those men and women who fight for the freedom 
of our country, even if it means they must 
kill some for our protection are hero's.
I could not do it. I could not kill another human
but I am not trained to do that.
As Howard and Robin discussed this,
he made it clear that shame on any of us
who live in this free country we call the US of A and
say that these men and women are not hero's.
If you want to blame someone, blame the government
officials who put them out there when maybe
they are not needed. They, these snipers
are following the orders of their commanders
and if we, as true American's believe
that they don't suffer as a result of killing those
the government think are dangerous to us,
then we are all so wrong.
These people, have husbands, wives, children.
They are our true hero's along with all those
out there who sacrifice their lives and those
who have to be away 
 from those they love 
all in the name of keeping the USA free.
I don't know why I am on a rampage this am 
about this movie and the critics who speak badly
about those who are called American Snipers.
Maybe it's because I had a Father who fought
in WWII and came home to raise 7 children
and rarely spoke about the horrors he saw there.
When he did, it was usually about the story of 
one small town his platoon blew up on orders.
How he walked this village and heard a baby crying.
He had a wife in the states pregnant with his
own third child and just the crying of this baby
brought he and his men to tears.
He and a few others, went into the burning building
where he found the only living survivor of the home,
A newborn that they placed under a tree.
He spoke of each time he saw the child
his wife birthed months later, it is this
small baby he placed under a tree he thought of,
wondering what
happened to the baby with no family or food.
Did this make my father a bad man?
no this made my Daddy a hero, he protected
our enemy line and lived to see his seven
children live in a country where they could make
their own choices, Yet if any believe he was not
a changed man by those who died because
of orders given to him, they are wrong.
Maybe my rampage this morning is also
for two brothers who served in the army
during the Vietnam era. One, Peter,
fought on the battle lines and came
back a different man, till this day,
we will never know who he might have been
had he not fought a war that many civilians
believed was his fault. Again, he was just serving
his Country, following the orders of those higher
than him, to live the rest of his life a changed man.
There is also my dear godchild. Rick who serves
in the Navy today, no he is not a sniper,
but if those higher up called him to be in a position
to protect us, he would.
So, to all you critics out there whether, seeing the movie 
or not, watch how you judge.
American Snipers are hero's,
it is because of them you have the freedom to 
say they are not.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Another thing I have been lax on is
my reading. Have had so many scrap jobs
that once its time to go to bed I am falling asleep
or Mr. Big and I have plans.
So for this year, I have laid down at least one book
read a week, which is not a lot considering I used to 
read about three a week. no life..cough,
So as my first book for the new year,
I bought it on my way home from Vegas and
it is one I can almost not put down.
So well written story line can make you cry.
It begins on the life of a very smart fifty year old
Yale professor who teaches cognitive psychology.
Then her life begins to crumble as she finds
herself lost on the same campus she not only teaches
but also attended as a student.
Your heart breaks for her and her family
as she is diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimers disease.
The book follows the life she is loosing and has no
control over and how this is affecting her three grown children
and the husband she loves deeply who also works at yale.
Being a nurse, I understand the medical part of 
Alzheimers but even without that, you will be
stuck on this book. It's one of those that you cannot
wait to see how it ends and you also read a tad slower
because you just don't want it to end.
When I rate it, (yes, I am a geek who writes and rates 
the books she reads) It will be hard for me to just give
it a 5. I may have to give it the very rare 6, depending 
on how it ends. So, if you looking for a good read,
this is one. Even if you don't like to read, this one
you will love.
That is my book review, first of 2015.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


After such a great summer and fall,
I had myself believing pain was probably 
a part of my past.... hahahaha
winter is here, feel it in my bones.
Makes it hard to rest easy but other things
are also causing that.
Mr. Big, soon to move back home to Georgia
as his work here is coming to an end.
The house is still not sold and I am so, so wanting
to have my own place, to make it a home,
where boxes are not packed in every free space 
I can find. Bean was here the other day asking
"Mumsie, where is all your little toys at?"
Meaning my miniature collection. 
Packed my dear.
Even with these negatives, there are so many
awesome good things.
Two new great nieces born a few weeks apart.
More babies to love.
That can always get me going to a good place.
Mr. Big and I are beginning to pull away a tad
from each other so when he makes the transition to
Georgia for good, it will be easier for us both.
We have had a long conversation about
what we want and I know I don't want
a long distance relationship and I have
protected part of my heart as he has.
We will always be friends, good friends,
but when Georgia calls him home we will be
just that. We both also know though
that we can be happy, be loved, be treated 
and spoiled by another and for that
I am grateful.

Friday, January 9, 2015


I Love Country Music but not something I listen
to all the time. Since Xm radio, I usually listen
to talk radio, yes, and Howard Stern......
Don't judge...
Anyway, today while playing on Facebook, 
I see a song by an artist I don't know,
Rodney Carrington and I am intrigued
by the title of the song,
and this is the lyrics that made my morning"

Oh it seems to me this whole world's gone crazy
There's too much hate and killin goin on
But when I see the bare chest of a woman
My worrys and my problems are all gone
No one thinks of fightin, when they see a topless girl
Baby if you would show yours too, we could save the world

Show them to me, show them to me
Unclasp your bra and set those puppies free
They'd look a whole lot better without that sweater baby I'm sure you'll agree
If you got, two fun bags,
Show them to me

I don't care if they don't match or ones bigger than the other
You could show me one, and I'll imagine the other
Even if you're really old, theres nothing wrong
Don't be sad your boobs ain't bad, they're just a little long

Show them to me, show them to me
Lift up your shirt and let the whole world see
Just disrobe, show your globes and a happy man I'll be
If you got, dos chichi's,
Show them to me

I've met a lot of them, but never one I've hated
Even if you've had thirteen kids and you think they look deflated
Theres no such thing as a bad breast, I believe this much is true
If you're a big fat man I'm a titty fan and I'd love to see yours toooo

Show them to me, show them to me
Just like the girls gone wild on T.V.
Just lean back and show your rack and I'll be in ecstasy
If you got two casabas
Show them to me

All the world will live in harmony
It'll do you good, it'll give me wood, we'll make history
If you love your country, I'm gonna say it one more time,
I said if you love your country yea
Then stand your ass up and show them big old titties to me

The live video on my Facebook account is the best,
Watch there for a good chuckle this morning.
thanks, Phil for sharing...


Monday, January 5, 2015


Back from Vegas.
It was great, didn't win big but came home
with what I left with so that is a win for me.
A new year, a new day.
I am not one who likes New Years resolutions
but I do look at the new year as a way to
start some new ideas.
So, like many, I am going to begin again
to watch my weight. I have been good with this
before the New Year but time to get back
on the wagon.
I have not been good about my journaling.
With the things that have happened in the year
of 2014, I just got to where I didn't want to write.
Call it a block but I am determined to begin 
journaling daily again.
I also have a desire to not only scrap for others
for profit but scrap for my little grand babies.
I have not done much in Bean's book and she
is about to turn 4!
Have not even began J. Belle's....
Lots to do there.
I have had so many paying scrap jobs that I 'focused
on that but now, time to scrap for those I love.
I am praying, hoping, excited about
the prospect of selling this big house,
for me, for Ron, for my little family to put
an end to this chapter of our lives.
I want my own home, I want Ron to be
free of having this house as a "Monkey on his back"
It is the last thing we have from our old lives
and we are both ready to move on.
Anyone who knows me, knows how I love older
homes, old wood floors, the home I want
is still for sale in the garden district and as
soon as this one sells, if I can,
that one will be mines.
I love, love, love decorating, old things.
vintage, have not been able to do that here
as I have held off for the big sale.
Today, the house will show and I have my
fingers crossed that maybe even an offer is coming.
My realtor, Vickie has been most helpful 
but the homes here are just not showing.
Today it will..... Say a little prayer
that we can all move on with the sale of this home.
Then you will see the changes of the new year
for me, 
Welcome 2015, good riddance, 2014!