Thursday, April 24, 2014


 Oh my dear LuLu, Lucy.
You are growing so fast,
conquering every thing you touch,
full of self confidence but maturing in a way
that you now wear that confidence proudly without
saying a word. 
Lucy is the second born to my niece Rebecca and her hubby,
Mikie. As a little one, she was just a drama queen and diva.
Never held back on what she had to say, never cared
how she said it. Now, growing up to be the beautiful child
looking much like her mother at that age.
As she gets older, our relationship has changed drastically.
I love being around her. 
 I think those feelings are mutual as she frequently asks
when she can come spend time with me at my house.
Now, the story to go with the title.
Last week, as I waited at the Plaisance Thibodaux home
for Pappy to come pick me up, I was alone there.
Bored, I went into Lucy's room to see what her walls
were saying this week. She loves making posters
and decorating her walls, loves the band
ONE DIRECTION so you can bet there will
be posters of them up. Her bed is made and her room is tidy.
There is one blanket messed on top of the bed and there,
tucked in that blanket I see a familiar site but
one I had not seen in many many years.
Dear, sweet Alice. still in bed, still with one lazy eye
that stopped working years ago. 
Our Lucy, how she loved Alice growing up.
We all knew Alice, she was a member of the family.
We all called her by name.
Lucy went no where without Alice and as grown up
as she always acted, she was never embarrassed to the
fact that Alice was her girl.
It made my heart dance, made me smile big to 
see Sweet Alice, still in bed, knowing that our Lu
still sleeps with her each night, gaining comfort
from her just as always. 
Love you LU, and you, too Alice
thanks for all you have done to mold our Lucy
in the beautiful woman she is today.

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