Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kris is hit with an ah hah moment

Kris visited with his Auntie's that spent the night
at his Mom's after his Uncle Myron's funeral.
He wanted to share a story with us.
His brother Arthur had put skittles and candy
in the pocket of his shirt to teasingly give him something
to eat during his Uncle's funeral. Througout the day he
placed his hand in that breast pocket to eat his candy.
He said many times, the hand went into the pocket.
Then came the time to carry his Uncle's casket,
the worst part of saying good bye to a man he loved.
As he proceeded down the aisle, he heard a crinkling
in that very same pocket. Wondering what could have
been making that noise, he placed his hand back into 
that same pocket and pulled out a piece of paper,
folded a few times. As he opened it he realized it was
the very same reading he had read when his Grandfather had 
died a year before.
"I know that paper was not in there while I grabbed skittles
all day"
He shares that it freaked him out a bit as his hand had
been in there many times  and he just knew it was not 
there earlier in the day.
I ask if can add to the blog,
Yes, he said, you sure can.
So many miracles abound us.