Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bean stories

I have not blogged about the Bean in some time.
She is growing so fast and I am more lonesome for
her than ever as they have moved into their
new house and I miss hearing her voice here
in the morning. She is most excited for
the sister that is to come in a mere few weeks now.
Only three but so smart.
She is in to rhyming words, wants to play
the rhyming game with anyone who wants to 
challenge her. She listens to your word and thinks 
hard then gives you the answer.
The other night, as we ate crawfish at her MawMaw's
and Poppy's house, thanks to BB and Kd,
she wanted to play.
She is good at it.
"Pan" I say, "Fan" she says.
Which brings me to the story kd shared on Facebook.
Her Mommy was blow drying her hair,
"I wonder what Daddy is doing? Fucker"
her Mommy's shock, she calls her Daddy in the bathroom.
"Fucker" she repeats when asked.
"Who taught you that? " Her parents ask.
I cringe here as I though for sure she would say Pappy.
her answer,
" It's rhyming, Sucker, Fucker"
In all her innocence, didn't even know was a bad word.
Geeze I love this girl!

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