Monday, April 14, 2014


Saturday evening, after Kay's shower
(More on that later) 
I had the honor of going to the 
SLHS Variety show that my godchild, Tedi-girl
was the stage manager for.
OMG!!! It was fantastic, not just a variety show
but a story line written by their teacher, Tanzy.
It lasted three hours but no one realized that.
The talent at my old high school is phenomenal!
I want to share a most touching story as who am I
without a story to add to the wonderful night.
Sister, V. got us good tickets, third from the front.
In front of us was an older couple, my sister's age
and the wife bent over to ask V. why  she had not gone to
the monthly Collins gathering.
What??? a gathering of my extended family and I didn't know.
I inform this beautiful woman that I am a Collins and I
would have gone. IT is evident that she is a sickly, her
husband, a quite handsome man, interjects for her often.
She then explains,
" Excuse me if I jump around, I have cancer."
I question, "Oh so you are a survivor?"
"No, I am surviving. I have a rare cancer and 
no one lives past two years and I am on year 9 but
now on experimental medications"
I share that back in 1968 I had an incurable cancer too
but I was one to beat the odds and here I am 45 years later,
so she will be that one.
Enough of that, she is there for a reason.
Her granddaughter is singing "their song"
She and her husband love and call it their song,
I tease the beautiful couple, 
"You guys should get up and start dancing."
Her husband adds,
"I would not want to block your view"
The play starts and I am drawn in to the story line,
the talent of these wonderful children,
Then the moment comes, it is her granddaughters turn.
she is beautiful, dressed in a fancy sequined dress and
she begins in the most beautiful spoken song,
Her grandmother wipes at her eyes many times.
at one point, her husband reaches for her hand and
I want to cry too. What is going through her mind,
The pride of her granddaughter?
The fact that she chose her grandparents song?
That this may be the last time she sees this precious child perform?
All this I think of and I also tear up.
This beautiful woman, who is surviving is also dying.
We all are dying but she knows her time is limited.
 The child who calls me Nannie, comes
out at the end of the show to sing with the SLHS choir.
There she is, my Tedi-girl top first.
I am honored she calls me Nannie,
I am honored by all she has done to help this 
show to run smoothly. 
Today, I find my new friends, who are distant Collins cousins
on Facebook as I must meet up with these people again.
As for TEdi-girl, she is a keeper, and I love her!

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