Tuesday, April 22, 2014

surgery for Pappy

Long time in posting, just so much going on.
Update is HOBL who now we will call Pappy on 
the blog, needs surgery.
When he fell off ladder cleaning the homestead,
it was bad. In Feb. had to call an ambulance to take
him to the hospital. Our Lady of the Lake said
"good news, a broken rib"
so he took off a few days and headed to Alaska.
His pain was just too bad, numbness to fingers,
long story short, he came home, an MRI was done
and he was found to have a shattered Cervical 7 neck.
The same doctor who took care of him when he broke
his back two years ago, Dr. Leichty does not
know how he was not paralyzed. Our Pappy,
just can't bring him down.
So he will need surgery to remove that bone
and put a plate in to stop any further damage.
The two times we have seen Dr. Leichty, he
has shook his hand and said,
"Sir, this could have turned out very, very bad."
Surgery is set for May 6th and this big house is
Not going to let a house kill him and it is too much 
for me to maintain. We should have thought longer
about the purchase. It has been nice sharing this beautiful home
with friends and family but time to move on.
I hope the next family who lives here, fills it up with
children, it is way too quiet here with two adults.
It seems even bigger since BB, KD and Bean 
have moved out.
Prayers will be appreciated as we move
on with surgery and major life changing decisions 
being made.

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