Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Our family just keeps growing and growing…
and growing.
Now every one of us Collins girls are grandmothers
who all go by different names:
MaMaw, Granny, Gammy, Mumsie and now a Sugar.
Brother I think is called Poppa, just like his kiddo's
always called him but  not sure.
Anyway, back to the most beautiful little girl
who has a potato, patato, name.
Her grandpa Tab told me the way he remembers to say
it is  like you are saying "ARE WE A"
So that has helped me say Aria in the proper way.
Okay so we have had lots of Collins babies in this family.
Including my two grandabies which are the beauties
to my heart but this baby, oh my! Okay enough talking…
 I had kept Little Lillian for the day who was a tad 
under the weather so I had decided not to bring her with me
so as not to get out little Aria sick. But the minute her
Mommy picked her up I was 
 I knew her birthday was one to be shared with just the
immediate family, you see guys, I know where my place is….
sometimes…. anyway, yesterday no way I was going
another day without seeing this sweet baby and that she is.
 We kept telling C, girl wait, there are no words to explain
what happens when that grand baby comes.
We tried to explain it but no words.
Now she knows, has fallen right into the Sugar role
with no instruction book needed.
 This above pic is one of my very favorite, I really think she has the
best of both parents and I know she will change daily for the
next few weeks but she is perfect. 
 Her other grandparents are calling Aria grand baby two
as they have another little girl they love as much as Aria.
 Then there is the beautiful family,
You cannot tell from these pics just how hard this
C-Section has been for Mommy Amanda.
MY Kd said she would have all babies the natural way
rather than a section so I kind of know how much she
is struggling. But look at that smile, no complaints from this
lil Momma, because she beams when she gets to see
just what she has won and knows soon she will be back to 
her old self. 
I can't say enough about my dear nephew, Arthur.
the men of today, they are a new breed. They not only take
good care of their wives but their babies right away,
become theirs. There is nothing he can't do that Amanda can
except for breast feeding. If he could he would….lol
Just like Baby Boy, can be another set of hands for his 
wife who will have her hands full. I am so proud
of BB and now of Arthur who was a little Shit
as a kid. Yet, his Aunt Lil, well she always "got him"
I did worry about him a few times, but look what he has
become and then to be a mentor to my little nephew, Jrew,
he is more than just one thing, he is multi faceted and
out of all the nieces and nephews, Celena's boys are two of
the sweetest there is. Aria will have him wrapped, won't take
long, I think it has already happened.
What most impressed me was the way he cared for his wife.
Remember although they have been a couple for a long time,
they are still newlyweds, they wanted babies right away so
took care of that on their honeymoon. 
Now it is three of them. I watched as he helped his
wife, in pain, get out of bed and to the bathroom.
No rushing, letting her call the shots and the tempo 
of the movement. Just watching him with her made me
want to tear up. He loves her and I pray, in thirty years
from now, they never forget just how much
they love each other today.
 Beautiful for just having this little sweetheart, right?
Poor Aria had a little hard time before her section.
He little face is swollen and one little eye is bruised from trying
to come down her mommy's hips that were too small for her 
to fit. She is full, full, full of long black hair. Like almost
needs a haircut…. I am sure she will loose lots of it, but
it is so silky and beautiful.
Her ears are the cutest. I am a baby neck/ear gal.
It's always the first thing I check out, those ears.
Hers are the cutest little things, like JBelle's are.
I made her a little angry when I had to check out her little
feet and toes and her little hands. It was time for her to 
wake up anyway, feeding time. 
I love the picture of Sugar kissing her cheek but I think
this one is my very favorite. It is like she and Sugar are
sharing something mentally with each other.
They will share so much if she is anything like
Bean and J.Belle and their Mumsie.
Like Sugar is mentally telling her,
"Oh the places we will go, the things we will do"
I know right now, Sug, you are thinking,
"It won't get better than this"
but it will. As she grows and her little personality
becomes one she can share, it will grow into more
love you can speak of.
And now my little Aria, your promise from your
Aunt Mumsie 
(name I am trying to get all the new babies to call
me, those born after I became a Mumsie)
I will always be there for you.
Just like the relationships I have had with all my nieces
and nephews and now the great ones, I try and make
each of them feel special when with their Aunt Mumsie.
My age is getting up there, yet I feel the youngest
I have in years. I will try my best to continue the 
traditions I have made with all those little babies
who call me Aunt Lil, Aunt Mumsie….
I love you sweet, Aria and one final promise.
You will not only know me by name,
You will know me by words and actions.
Love you my sweet great niece.
Art, Auntie Lil is so very proud of you 
and you new wife.

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  1. Congratulations Amanda and Arthur as well as your families!!! Aria is beautiful!!!