Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday weekend planned.

51, 51!!!!!!!!!
I cannot be 51 since my head believes I am still 
a kid, well, so does my Bean…. oh well that is 
a different blog. My niece, Tiffany has expected
me at our mutual friend, Shirley's garden party 
on Saturday. It's my first garden party so don't ask
questions….. I know I have to wear a casual dress 
and a hat… it's kinda like a tea party with adult beverages.
Tiffany also has asked me soooo many times, 

"Please come up for your birthday, we can go
watch the Saints game at VooDoo Lounge which
is a bar that is owned by some of her best friends.
I have never been the bar type but I have also
not been the single type in a while soooo, why not?
Called her yesterday, told her I was coming for the whole
weekend, I swear I could have told her she won the 
lottery. My dear niece, always so over the top,
she got that from me…lol.
So Friday night I am following her lead, wherever
she takes me and then we gunna stay up all 
night talking just like when we were little girls,
or we gunna fall asleep because we too old for this lol.
I am really excited for the garden party as lots
of my old nursing friends from the older Lady of the Sea.
So excited that Shirley invited me and I am sure
I will make new friends also.
Tiffy and I we might even make two nights out
but I am a tad old, like 51!!!! lol
Sunday I have to go visit my Linz, the bestie baby 
and the bestie, but I also have a very special visit.
I have to bring Ms. Beasly to her new temporary home.
Gunna be a good one.

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  1. Awesome!!! Enjoy your birthday, Lil!!!