Friday, August 29, 2014

Prayers for bestie and her hubby

 I speak often of my besties, Ann and Laurie…
Don't know what I would do without these two gals 
in my life. But our dear Bestie, Ann and her lovey,
Moody, well they in a bad spot and prayers are needed.
Ann loves Moody in a way I don't know if I have ever loved.
While we were together at LaBerge' Moody was
not feeling well and she spoke of how much she
must aggravate him always asking if he needed something.
She shared how if she looses him, she don't know what
she would do, she spoke of how much she loves that man.
We all do love him. We, myself and my two bests
all married young, Laurie and I, our high school sweethearts,
Ann, met Moody through Ronnie and they
have been together since. After three months,
they were talking marriage. 
 (Ann and Moody serving in our wedding)
( Ann and Moody in their own wedding)
Yesterday I rushed to Thibodaux Regional when the
text came through that he was being moved from
his regular room to ICU and was critical.
There, in the lobby, was my dear friend and her
two adult boys, her daughter in law, Suzette,
and her Mother and her sisters…
sisters, what would we do without them….
We hugged, me and my bestie, we cried,
me more than her, as she was just so exhausted,
He has been sick for so long,
Our Moody, is on the vent, had to be shocked into 
a natural heart rhythm. He is just not well,
but fighting like the man he is….
Prayers,  often pray for God's will and ask
for that, this time I am changing it up,
pray for complete recovery as my dear friend,
well, she still needs her love.
I have never wanted something more than I want
healing for Moody and healing for my dear friends

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  1. Oh, Lil, I am so sorry. Praying for a complete recovery for Moody. Praying for Ann and her family.