Saturday, August 2, 2014


43. Yep, 43.
My babies, especially my lil Gypsy
makes fun of me on the things I call miracles.
Fact of the matter is, I believe too many people call
little miracles coincidences.
Well, I have a little miracle to share with you all,
Thanks Erica for allowing me to share what really
is your story. Erica and Baby boy have been friends 
as children. Her hubby, Scott, BB's friend since high school.
They are a couple that prove some still do marry their
high school sweethearts. I am one of those obnoxious mom's 
who once you are friends with my kiddo's I usually hold you
close to my heart, still a part of your life many years later.
It is one of the reasons I love Facebook, seeing all their
old friends, growing up, their own families.
Melts me.
Okay, back to the story.
Erica had seen some of the frames I have made and
hired me to make two of them for her.
One for her two sweet and precious boys
and then a very special one.
You see, Erica lost her daddy way too young to 
see her little boys grow up. She was her Daddy's girl and 
she was missing him terribly so her second frame was for her daddy.
I asked her to tell me a little about her Daddy.
Not about the Randy I knew as her Dad but who he was to his
little girl. She shared a few pictures with me.
She said he loved football,(Really loved football) pitt bulls 
and the number 43 had
to be somewhere on the frame.
I asked her to tell me a little more of the number.
It was her Dad's number for football when he was younger
as well as his favorite number. She shared with me that
since he has been gone the number comes up always 
in her life and she feels like that is his way of letting
Erica... know he is watching over all of them.
I start the frame but this one is taking me longer to put
together. When making such an important piece of art 
for a little momma who misses her daddy.
I started it but just thought something was missing.
I put it aside for a few weeks. Even though she had 
sent me a few pictures, It just was not what this frame
needed. The day I was on my way to spend time
with Ma Gus and her family who are my friends
I passed on highway one because road work was
a mess on 308,
As I pass Raceland, a little second hand store
that another friend, Doris has told me about is open.
It is never opened when I pass so I have to U-turn
in the middle of the road. Yep, my car breaks for all
garage sales and special stores.
I know I don't have much time but when I start talking….
I am going through all the mini's that I love and 
come across a small bag with two antique little
wooden footballs. Don't know how old they are
but I get really excited because I have just found
what it is I need to finish Erica's most special frame.
Not only are they already sooo cheap but there is
a 20 percent off sale. I don't know percent off dollar fifty
but I would have paid the whole amount, it did not matter.
Cool little footballs, right? Look how someone drew
the laces on this wood football. They are solid wood.
 I have to move on to Ma Gus
so I buy them and a few more things I "Just had to have"
and went on my way. It was not until a few days later
that the little number miracle that happens to Erica all the
time came to me.
I am ready to finish the frame. When doing one like this,
I always worry that it just will not be good enough
for the loved one who has passed. It will not be enough
to give comfort to a little girl who loves and misses her
daddy so much. I also know though, that I have to get 
it done. I go to the scrap room where the "MAGIC" 
happens lol.
I take out one little football and I take out the second,
I kid you not, on the back of the football someone
had added the number 43!!!
Yes, I kid you not, it was plain as can be, 43!!!!
 I right away text Erica to make sure I am not mixing up
the number, "the number is 43 right?"
"Yes ma'am"
then I tell her what has just happened to me
and she is in shock just like me.
Now, I can finish this frame and get it to one 
Daddy's little girl who misses him so.
(the middle portion where the pic goes 
is just my advertisement paper, it does not stay
once the pic is placed)
God, he often uses me as an instrument of His Peace.
This one was my pleasure.
Thanks Erica for trusting me with such an important job.
I love you and your sweet little family.
I Hope each time you look at this frame, see that little football,
you feel Daddy Randy's presence watching over you all.