Tuesday, December 30, 2014

.. and now a little of my private life...

A few months ago, I was trying to find
my way from a relationship that I knew just 
could not work. Opposites attract but sometimes
the opposites are just too much to make work.
I was sad about it but wanted stay friends as I
really cared for this person.
My dear Tiffany took me out in Golden Meadow..
a Halloween dress party at Boudreaux's Condo's bar
at that. In the last thirty years, I can count on one hand
how many times I have been to a bar but it's a new
life, a new world. We dressed up, she a referee
I Catwoman, a costume I bought at a garage sale on my way
up there. It fit perfect, was feeling quite good about 
my newly lost weight and how my life was going.
We walked in and the place was not so crowded,
first people we run into except for my pals,
Petey and his gal, Mary...
Four men out the night before their charter fishing trip
in the morning. Okay, I am not shitting you,
I went all the way home to meet a man who actually
lives right now, not only in Plaquemine but in my 
neighborhood, The Island!
 Something you read about in a book, ey?
It was a fun night and I spent some time with one
of the guys who was also single and my age.
Then he just left, left without saying goodbye.
I texted him quite sassily,
That would just not work. 
He begged me to call him, tried to call me but 
I was at a party, having a grand ol' time.
Long story short, I did speak with him the next day and
we made arrangements to eat out later in the week.
I mean we are practically neighbors!
Since that very day, not only has he followed my 
request about WINING AND DINING me
but has gone above and beyond the call.
I never knew a man could be this way.
I don't know how long this relationship will last,
and we not worrying about it.
Yes, a part of my heart is holding back,
you see, he is here for work temporarily.
He is from Georgia and eventually wants to go back home there.
He has two grown daughters, young adults both in college
and both living parents.
Would be selfish of me to think or request him
to stay here away from his family, his life.
I could not do it and so we have built this temporary
relationship and have we had fun.
All of this to say....
my Christmas present from Mr. Big....
(my blog name for him as in Sex and the City)
a trip to VEGAS!
We leave today... New Years in Vegas with a man
whom I really exciting.
Yet, even if he took me no where, even
if we just stayed home each night and had
the conversations we have....
I would still be smitten.
We are not talking about the "When he leaves"
but we both feel it, this part of our lives is coming
to a close.
WE have agreed not to discuss it until we get back,
No matter what happens, I will forever be grateful for this
man and what he has shown me.

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