Sunday, December 21, 2014


I speak often of my Gypsy and just why she is that to me.
Yet, she is also lots like me, likes people, well most
and can smooth talk her way into a good tip where she works
at Christiano's in Houma.
Both my children are not afraid of work. 
Which brings me back to the pride I felt last Sunday.
Since moving off the bayou, I try my best to stay in 
touch with as many old friends as I can. It's hard,
there are many and there are also many in Thibby.
Last Sunday, the old neighbors, the "Momma's of Tarpon Heights:
and a few of our kiddo's and Kayshara, shara made
plans to have brunch at Gypsy's work place.
She made the reservations and set us up outside on the 
beautiful outside patio, she did good....
WE all sat, Wanda, Alice, Tiffy, Gypsy, Gavin and Kayshara
and we began to reminisce.
As we did, our sweet waiter, Patrick treated us like royalty.
He also bragged on my Gypsy, saying how fast she learned
her job there, and how at first they were just coworkers,
now they still are but he was given a small promotion
and now in management. he spoke about how she
still remains one of his favorites to work with.
(gypsy, Patrick, myself)

 ( gypsy, gavin, kayshara, shara)
Of course, that made me proud, but it's not the first time
I have heard this from her coworkers.
I thanked him for loving my little girl.
The big surprise that almost brought me to tears
was a little later in the meal.
Gypsy points out her boss, the highest you can get,
as he IS CHRISTIANO'S the owner.
I did not expect him to come over and say hello,
so I especially did not expect that he came over, introduced
himself and then went on and on about MY baby girl
and how proud and impressed he is with her work.
He relayed.
"You know she was very sick yesterday, I knew she did not
feel well, yet she came in and not only did she not complain
or ask to go home, but she put a smile on her face and did her job.
We were busy, very busy, and she never whined as some of 
the other girl waitresses have been known to do. She did her
job and I let her go home as soon as I could."
He did not stop there.
"She always comes in ready to work with a smile on her
face, if others are down, she tries to bring them up"
I swear I wanted to cry, laugh, stand up and announce,
"That is my baby girl!" 
Instead, I thanked him graciously for the compliments as well
as taking the time to let me know this.
So proud of her, so proud to be her Mommy.

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  1. Jesi rocks!!! We love her so much!!! :)