Thursday, December 25, 2014


Yes, here it is again, one more time,
this is Christmas morning.
I sit here in my Plaquemine home having
done my Christmas with BB, KD and the little girls
yesterday and heading out early to have coffee with 
Gypsy and Kayshara,share this morning.
Then to pick up the Taunt Mone and head to 
sister Veronica's home where I hope to see
the majority of my down the bayou family.
Having supper back in Addis with Taunt Mone's baby girl
because tomorrow her third granddaughter will be born
and we will be there.
Now that I have given the itinerary, 
This year, it's Christmas and the year is almost done.
To have come full circle in the year of 2014 is a true
testament that life is what you make of it.
We all have the same choices, to be sad, a martyr,
to hang on the cross, or to ask for off the cross,
be happy and find true happiness.
I have done just that.
Not to say in the beginning of Ron and I's separation,
I was terrible, then one day I just knew
I had to do something. 
I asked God for help, the next day I surrendered
and told Ron, letting it go. Since then
I have worked hard to get where I am and
I am better than I think I ever was.
So I wish all of you, each and every one,
no matter what your life is throwing at you,
find the happiness it is there.
I need to thank so many people who have helped me
get here so I won't even begin to try and name them all,
they know who they are, what they have done.
make the year of 2015 the one where you put aside
pain, hostility, martyrdom and be happy.
Love to all who follow my blog, hope
to double those numbers soon.

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