Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Way back when, when BB came to me and said
"I think I have a girlfriend"
and asked if I and his sister would meet her,
I have been in love with my daughter in law, KD.
Ever since that same time, as I got to know her and
asked what was her plans for the future, she wanted
to be a nurse. She spoke of being a traveling nurse
one day. I smiled on that day. I had a feeling that
she and BB had both been "bitten with the love bug"
and any traveling she would be doing would consist
of my baby boy being with her.
Since then, she got herself through LPN school,
married BB, had two babies, moved three times,
built a home and with all of that going on she has
to become and RN.
Seven long years, it has been with her and
her little family. Her mom and myself have 
helped some days to watch Bean when she was 
a baby so her Mommy could STUDY
and JBelle came and all she had left, following
online RN course, was the dreaded clinical weekend.
Yep. that is all that was left. It is feared by most
nurses who decide to take the route Kd did
to advance their nursing education.
I am so proud of that little family.
My BB, Kd they are a united front.
Many times I have heard them say to me or
to each other,
"What days are you studying so I can hunt?"
"mom, if you have some free time, can you get with KD
to help so she can study"
Lately, though, it has been really them two and their
two little babies sacrificing.
So the weekend was here, and I and those who love
Kd didn't expect to feel so nervous, so sick to our stomaches.
She and her parents left for Georgia and BB took
vacation time and stayed home with their little girls.
The first night was hard, she was sick and so were
we all. Being her second chance at this, she had
already left saying if it didn't happen this time, it
was not going to happen. 
Baby boy and I texted all day on Saturday, both
nervous wrecks, almost to the point of being sick.
It didn't matter at this point whether she passed or
failed for him, it was the stress his wife, my dil,
her parents knew she was under and there was not
one darn thing we could do except sit back, wait
and text each other about how nervous we were.
That first night the text came...
got through the first day and remade up all the 
labs she had to redo... PASSED.......
SO FAR! All were elated, her mother, with her,
was just like us and BB, sick as I am sure her Daddy was
feeling it also.
On Sunday, the tension was back, I decided to spend
the day with BB and the girls, this child of mines
was so ready to hear from his little wife, one way or another,
so was I. The text came before I made it to his home....
Oh the tears, the group texting, the release of stress,
our dear KD, after 7 long years of working harder than
I have ever known someone to work on a degree,
had done it, she was a RN, a college graduate
and oh so proud. Of course, I cried.
I especially cried when I saw the group text that
Baby boy had typed,
there was more but just that says enough to know
what this big feat meant to his sweet family.
We spent the day together awaiting kd and her parents long
driven return from Georgia.
We decorated the house, Bean said,
"Mumsie my Mommy don't have to study no more!"
You see her whole little life she has heard,
"Mommy's got to study"
Kd, I am so very proud of you.
I also want you to know that it didn't matter to me 
whether you passed or not, I am still so proud of you.
I wanted you to pass for you, for all your hard work,
but the tenacity, the work you put into this and still
being the very best Mother to my grand babies as well
as maintaining a home and being a partner to my son,
you are the bomb diggity and I am so very glad that
way back when, when Baby boy said,
"I think I have a girlfriend..."
it was you I was brought to meet.
You, my sweet dear are my hero.
I never had the courage to do what you did,
I know it does not change what you want to do the most
and that is mother your babies, like BB said,
"Our kids don't care give a sh.. what you do as long
as you are their mommy"
and you are the very best Mommy, wife, daughter,
daughter in law, friend.
Congrats, what a wonderful Christmas present AND
you can burn those books at New Years!!!!!
Kd, I love you......

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  1. Congratulations Katie!!! We are so proud of you!!! Blood, sweat, and tears... We are so happy for you and your family!!! :)