Thursday, December 11, 2014

having kids and social media would terrify me...

Each morning, I start my day about 4:15 am these days.
I awaken, get my coffee, do the Facebook thing,
then surf net for interesting stories,
check emails, even though I rarely read them.
This am I decide to open one I like,
There I read of a dad of a 12 year old who monitors
his child's social media like a hawk, busts a child sex
ring. The article goes on to say, all she does on SM
goes straight to his phone so the day he got an email
that said, "Hey Sexy" he decides to pretend he is his 12year old
and the emails go on to end up with a sex tape of the 
man doing sex things that no 12 year old should know
exists. He is livid, wants to kill, instead, he keeps his cool
and contacts the law to bust the child sex ring.
This gives me chills, I swear, goosebumps!
I wonder, what would I do.
I warn all you parents out there who have underage children,
be like this dad. Have all go to your phone, have all their
pass codes, check their texts and calls daily.
If they get pissy, remember, parenting is not about
being friends, parenting is about keeping them safe.
I think to myself. if my child would not share these things
with me then they would not have social media.
They would not have Facebook or instagram,
shoot, if they got mad, they would not even have a cell phone.
I say this, but also want to appreciate the fact that
it is hard being a parent of kids in today's world.
I know it would be easier to just trust them.
But in this case, his child was innocent, the perpetrator
was the one who was after his child.
No way in hell!
Having two little girls who call me Mumsie,
makes me so afraid but I have no doubt that BB and Kd
will be those types of parents who won't care whether
their kids like them or not when this time comes.
Have to protect those babies.
Also, with all this being said, I want to admit I am
so thankful that all this media was fresh and new when
my babies were teens. I got the easy way out and still
I am sure there are things I didn't know.
Just remember, you pay their bills, you pay their phones.
If they won't let you check them, then they don't need them.
With appreciation to all parents who are doing the job of parenting
to the best of their ability, 
keep it up. 
If you are more of the "I trust my teen" type, realize
there are those out there after them.
Ugh this world.....

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