Sunday, September 13, 2015


Last night Tiffy and I attended Nottaway Plantation
for a Murder Mystery Dinner theater.
If you have never been to one, you must go,
if you have not been to one at Nottaway,
make that your first! 
First, let me rate the atmosphere,
because of the small cold front, it was with
less humidity as we walked the beautiful plantation
grounds of Nottoway, having already been on the tour,
I knew of the families that have lived here before
and it takes you back to that era.
We then made our way to Randolph's room
where the supper would be held,
Food? Grand! I was starving, made sure of that 
so I could enjoy the meal.
Started with a glass of Champagne and cheese
and crackers, three of my favorites.
As Tiffy and I chose our table,
others began to come in.
Our first seated guests was the sweetest young
couple on their second anniversary.
We found that our table would work as a team
to figure out the murder so from then on
us four, looked for others for our team.
We were joined by two other married couples
and we were set. One of the best parts of the night
was meeting, laughing and sharing our lives
with each other. 
(picture of our group with the cast)
AS the meal was served, the mystery began
to take place around us, you must pay close
attention to the happenings.
I have been to a few of these murder mystery suppers
but this was one of the best, done different from all
Scene one happened, I won't give away any of the story,
plot or answers as that will give away the fun
for others.
After each scene, a new course.
Crab Cake and Crawfish cake was our appetizer,
Oh my! I think it was my fave!
Rich, well seasoned with a wonderful sauce,
Cleaned that out quickly, told ya, I was HUNGRY!
Scene two takes place all around this beautiful room
made to look like the year of 1857.
Acting was grand, so was the salad, served 
after scene two:
Spinach salad with a vinaigrette made there
on the plantation, I think Feta cheese,
yes, I ate all of that too and I am not a big
salad eater so, yes, it was great!
Another scene, the plot thickens and because
our table is a team, we begin discussing scenarios...
Third course, fish and beef tips with grilled squash
and potatoes, carrots, okay now I am STUFFED,
but next is dessert... my fave,
Murder mystery continues and our table was so much
fun, we hit it off right away and everyone 
participated with the mystery as well 
as sharing our lives. 
Then dessert and coffee....
Tuxedo chocolate cake....
to die for, and the coffee, which I love was a good cup
of Java. Oh and I forgot the wine also served with 
the entree'. Finally is was time to put in your thoughts
for who, what, why did the murder take place,
kind of like clue,
"Colonel Mustard, in the study with the candlestick"
Our table did not win but we had a good story 
we contrived.
Look at Nottoways' Facebook page as well as their website.
Treat yourself to a fun filled night!
i still think the meeting of new friends were the 
best part of night.New Facebook friends!

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