Saturday, September 19, 2015


I searched all morning through my over 4,000 pictures to find
a picture of these two cats as kids and I just can find the
ones you see here. It could be because I have hundreds of home
videos and no stills. SO I just a have to go on with the blog of
the day, that I will.
Today is a big day, a day that Baby boy stands beside
his best childhood friend and watches him 
marry the love of his life, the mother of his sweet Natalie.
 Yes, Scott Doucet marries Laurie Terrebonne.
There is so much I can say about these two boys
growing up. When we moved to Tarpon Heights and
their interests grew apart in Jr and High School,
they were not as close but it is safe to say,
they were each others first friends.
Which made Scott one of those boys dear to my heart,
lived as part of our family for many years.
In some ways, feels almost like my own child is
marrying today.
 Way back in the 80's, 85 to be exact, I gave birth
to this little boy above to the right.
At the same time the couple below, Sue and Foe,
received their sweet baby through other ways,
adoption, but he was theirs even before he was born.
We visited them the day Scott came home to them
and there was no doubt, Sue/Foe was in love and
this child was a gift from God to them.
Then when they were three, the boys,
the true friendship began.
I remember the first day, Sue picked up BB
to go eat at Burger King and play for a few hours.
Since that day those boys were inseparable.
Two boys so different but loved each others company.
Our family videos are full of stories of their 
friendship. My favorite story has Scott on his
blankie, yes, he had a blankie, BB had a wobble
and neither were embarrassed of their loves.
We were outside on the porch of one of our many homes
and they are running circles around the blankie
pretending to be an airplane.
Scott says,
"I be a airplane when I grow up"
I correct him, "You will be a pilot, you will drive an
Forget that, he corrects me,
"NO I am going to be THE AIRPLANE"
and that went on for years.
Baby boy tired faster than Scott playing airplane,
so as Scott runs circles around blankie, BB
pulls blankie from under his feet and
our little airplane crash landed.
BB first "time out" because of hurting a friend.
I still smile when I remember this day.
 These two parents loved this boy, nothing was good 
enough for him and love abounds.
The grand baby, sweet Natalie he and Laurie gave them
about a year ago is something they had been waiting for
forever. Today they marry this child of theirs to his love,
to the Mother of his child, beautiful Laurie.
Many steps up from his first love,
Jessica Rabbit. Yes, this 4year old child,
was infatuated with he cartoon character,
Jessica Rabbit and it did not matter how much his
Mom and I tried to explain, he could not marry her
as she was a cartoon he did not believe us,
He was going to change her name to 
Jessica Rabbit Doucet.
I can't write this blog without also bragging on 
these parents. They did not just love this child,
they adored him. Being their only child,
they gave all they could to him.
Often, so he could swim, they took BB and Scott
to sleep at the Houma Holidome for their indoor swim pool.
Some of BB best memories surround something he
did with Sue and Foe.
It was nothing for them to decide at 10 pm at night to
take the boys, and yes, gypsy baby, as for years, she
honestly wanted Sue to be her Mommy, spent more
time there than home for a few years.
Back to story.
They would take the kids to the Grand Isle bridge to fish
late at night. MY boy, still loves fishing, second only to
hunting, and I am sure many of his fishing memories 
have these parents in them.
They never missed a game, a school event, anything
Scott was involved in. Not just as a child,
many years ago, when a baseball team was put together
to raise money for Meningitis Awareness for their
deceased close friend, Robert, there we parents all were,
supporting our boys just as like when they were kids.
 ... And now I will share my feelings for this man,
Scott who is almost like a son to me.
Dearest Scott,
I met you the day you came home to your parents
but it was not until you and BB were three 
that you guys became fixtures in each others homes.
It was more Rod and your house especially at night
as you didn't like sleeping away from home.
Yet, many days were spent, watching you boys dancing,
singing, building Lego castles, playing football, basketball,
you were a tad spoiled, being the only child for the Doucet's
but I think you liked my house for the fact that
there you saw what it was like to have
I love you my child.
I love you as one of those boys who spent numerous
times at my home, almost as my own.
Be a good husband the the love of your life, Laurie.
Always remember the way you love her today,
because life will get in the way to try and mess that up
for you guys. When you are having trouble finding that feeling,
look into the eyes of that beautiful child, Natalie that
you have made with this woman and know not all
can do such a thing, make a beautiful baby girl such
as Natalie. Now you understand how much
Sue and Foe loved you, why we all did the some things
that seemed crazy at the time, it was all about love.
You are a lucky man, very lucky man.
A woman who adores you, a baby girl who calls
you DA Da. I know you think of your grandparents today,
especially Ma Goose, who was so special to you.
Know that she is with you on this special day as 
she is every day. She may not be sitting near in presence,
but she has the better seat in the house, above,
along with Laurie's Dad. 
I love you, Scott.
Thank you for being part of my history,
a big chapter in my book of life,
See you this evening as you become Husband.

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