Wednesday, September 9, 2015


My blog so I am able to use this as my opinion
on most things I choose to speak of.
Today I want to share my viewpoint on 
Kim Davis, from Kentucky.
Everyone pretty much knows the name by now.
She is a public appointed employee that not only
is refusing to sign same sex marriage 
certificates but also forbidding those who work
under her to sign as well.
Of course, having a gay child this is close
to my heart but even if it were not,
 I still would have a strong opinion on this issue.
Kim Davis is not a vigilante, she is not 
the "Rosa Parks of this century".
What in my opinion would make her
that hero many are calling her?
If she quit the paying job the people elected her to
fill and then tell us it was against her faith
to carry out the job the courts have deemed
constitutional and now law.
Same sex marriage is the law in Kentucky.
Her religion deems her unable to adhere to the law,
then leave the job and make less of the salary
that others are paying you.
Suffer for you God by stepping down from 
your job. She has been married 4 times,
divorced three. Since then, I understand she
has changed her views and has been saved.
Okay, I agree with that but what if
her first divorce was refused because
that judge decided his religion did not
allow him to permit divorce.
What if this same judge forbade others
to also allow her to divorce.
i feel she is receiving too much notoriety
standing behind her beliefs in God
and forbidding those when work under
hand to possibly not be able to follow their beliefs.
Step down Madamme.
I will tell you on one I think of as a hero in
an aspect that is very similar.
I will keep her anonymous because
unlike Kim Davis she wanted no one
to know. 
A few years ago, a nurse friend of mine
was working under a very stressful situation.
She was running a nursing institution
and although the pay was good the job
had her working long long hours
and being on call constantly.
She loved her job but was becoming "burned out"
she applied and was given the chance at a position
at the local health unit. The pay was a little less
but the stress was going to be so much less,
giving her more time at home with her family.
My friend is a faithful catholic
and was pumped that this job was going
to have her working with new mothers and
their babies. There was one big problem for her.
This health unit gave out birth control and
"the morning after pill".
She was not gong to be responsible for giving
the morning after pill, she may have had to
be involved in giving birth control options.
Did she take the job and then refuse to 
follow through her job while she got paid?
Did she ask someone else to do the parts of the job
she didn't feel her God was allowed?
No she did not take the job after much prayer.
This friend is a follower of her God,
she will not ever spend a day in jail saying
it is because of her right to follow her religion.
No one will ever know her job.
She will never have political people stand behind her
calling her the "ROSA Parks of our time"
If Kim Davis wants to truly follow her God,
her beliefs, I feel she will step down quietly
and allow someone else, who believes
in equal rights for all, who follows the 
Constitution that make our Country 
the one most want to live.
The people of Kentucky deserve to have her
leave office, find her another job where she 
can carry out her beliefs
and be a real hero.

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