Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I am angry, sick over this dreaded disease CANCER
I honestly hate giving it recognition as it rears its 
ugly head on the innocents but as 
Children's cancer awareness cancer month comes
to an end, so many new diagnosis are coming
to light. A young boy from my home bayou,
A young mother with a loving husband who
i have watched grow up, with two little 
children to raise,
Then yesterday after the best day with my two
oldest grand girls,
I get word that my first cousin, Faye
is going home on hospice.
Having texted with her sweet and only
daughter, Steph, they are trying to go home
tomorrow but not sure if she will make it
to the weekend when we make it there.
BB says I am always fixated on the negative,
I am not, these things are really happening,
can't change what is and pretending to live
like it does not happen, trying to see your lives
through rose colored glasses does not change the
facts. I choose to try and be comfort to some who
suffer. So back to cousin Faye I am so darn angry.
Her family put my family up and stood by my parents
and family so many days as I battled my own cancer.
Their door always opened and now I have to be there too.
I am so angry because this started with a dry cough 
for a lady who never smoked, was always just a wonderful
woman. I small spot on her lung two years ago,
prognosis was great. She even had the best family 
reunion at her home when she was considered in 
remission. Then a few weeks ago, tumors on brain.
Had brain surgery and now home on hospice.
Yeah, I can hear all this stuff about she is going 
to heaven, will be at peace, but fact is,
I am not ready to let her go and that is so darn selfish.
Saturday, if not sooner, I am going there,
she continues to say she "Sees and talks to Aunt Minta"
My mom.....
Prayers please for all fricking Cancer,
I hate you!!!!

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