Saturday, September 12, 2015


These tis this place not far from me,
a mere 15 miles called 
What in the world is the PURPLE COW, YOU ASK?
It is a thrift store that I feel like part of the family there.
The first time I walked in, I knew it would become
one of my favorite places.
A thrift store whose main goal is to feed the hungry,
get the poor off the street, sober those addicted to 
drugs, a thrift store with a purpose. Yet they don't 
just give away money, they give these people a purpose,
 a reason to go on, they work in the store 
and earn their keep. The whole concept is the bomb.
Now on to my love affair, it started with these rugs

I walked in on one of my first visits with my pal, Cat
and these were on the floor, the sweet girls behind
the counter explained to me that they were huge, in
great shape and donated by someone who just did not want
them anymore, be still my heart....
Of course, I could not afford them,
they showed me the appraisal from the oriental rug store.
One, 9 foot by 12 foot was appraised at $4,500
the second,  a little bigger, 10 by 14 feet,  $5,500.
Way too much for my budget especially since I 
yet had a home to put them in.
Oh but you know me, I was in love, there had to 
be more to these beauties.
My Purple Cow girls explain that their prices
are not those of the appraiser, both were $!,500.
Still out my budget. I had been scrapping a lot
and the most I could spend was $1,000.
OH, we forgot to tell you about our sale Saturday,
30% off of furniture and rugs!
They would give them to me that day if
I wanted them.
So both rugs without a home were mine for $800
dollars. These rugs are investments, not just a floor covering.
MY dear neighbors, Linda and LIonelle,
rode with me to pick them up the next day and in
my garage they sat until I bought the cottage.
On the day the cottage key became mine, 
Baby boy brought the first things in the new home,
my rugs..... meant to be, the biggest fit perfect in my living room
and the second, perfect in my dining room.
I am in love with them both,
so is every one who sees them.
The best part of the purchase, was the friends I met there.
Not only have I brought many friends there but I cannot go
to that part of Baton Rouge without stopping by.
So here is my next story. It's my nephew, Lil Miki's
I had to bring a prom dress to  his truck for Cammi girl
so while I was there, going to pick up a few books from 
my PC, Purple Cow, I walk in and OMG!!!
Not only an old piano stood there but it had been
redone in my favorite color, red and antiqued.
the price, $450. Too much but I loved it!
I didn't even care if it played. I know how
heavy piano's are, having owned one before and 
moving it to my nephew's house took 4 big men.
I talk to my girls and they say because I have
bought so much there I would get a hundred dollars off.
Okay, this is looking better, I had that much from
scrapping every day.
But I explained my main problem was still getting it to my home.
and where in the world, in the cottage would I put it....
"We have a delivery service for $50  but I don't think
they deliver to Plaquemine."
Great, that will get it out my system,
but just like PC employees, 
I leave with a few books which was my original idea
but only the 1920's piano is on my mind,
"Momma was born in 1920"
"I wonder what price it costs now"
"Where in the world would I put it"
I text my pal David Paul, he loves antiques like I do
but he thinks I have a wild hair this time.
I took no picture to show him so I can't show him
the deal I speak of. I tell him I am going to sleep on it.
I sleep little. Why???
Because I find out that they will deliver this huge
beautiful piano, to Plaquemine for a mere $50!!!!
I count my scrap money. There is enough in that envelope.
The next morning I buy it.
Yesterday, the PC sent over three of the nicest, most professional 
employees in  the PC van with my piano in the back.
It is a day with rain forecasted but at the time, it is not
raining, just drizzling and none of these men
look intimidated by the move,
I, on the other hand, am nervous.
I have found a place for it,
in my dining room, right between my built-in cupboards.
They struggle to get it in, but in they do.
They place it where I want it and I could cry.
I have had a few rough days lately for 
many reasons and this beautiful thing just makes me
want to cry. I don't even know if it plays
(and yes, in case you are asking yourself, I play,
not well, but i play)
because I would have bought it whether it played or not.
These men, Don , John and Garnette (Sp?)
got hugs and lunch on me, they were so great,
I had to call their manager to brag on them.
Then I am left with this most beautiful piece of 
furniture I think I have ever owned for a mere 350 dollars!

I lovingly clean it, it plays! some keys are slow
coming up but will have a tuner come and let
me know what he thinks once the big house sale is complete.
The wood work is exceptional, the red color is my love.
I can't believe someone not only let this beautiful piece go but
they donated it! Here it will be loved. Right away,
I had the urge to play, yes, some keys stick, and the 
sound is off a tad, but I played it. Not well, because I
am just not good, but talk about a stress reliever.
So this is how my love affair with PC and its people 
began and I know will continue for a long time to come.
Thanks for your time for such a long blog!

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  1. Awesome!!! It is a great stress reliever!!!