Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another brag post..

When I moved to the cottage in May, 
one of the first things I wanted to do was
run A/C ducts to an addition that had been 
added but never connected to the central unit.
I will not name the the businesses who came
out and said, "Can't be done, that roof too low"
"We won't take the job, "
"The ducts will have to be run on the outside of these
two rooms"
"Window unit in the bath is the only way."
Then, I had a clogged A/C drain in my attic
and although Baby boy came out and fixed
the problem he thought it was best to have
it checked with an A/C company.
This began my "love affair"
Owned by Chad Robertson
but his emlpoyees,
Lauren, Stephen, and Smokey,
the ones I know, well he should be proud
to have these people work under the name of his
Stephen came out that day I called about me blocked pipe.
Although the problem had been fixed by BB,
I still wanted him to check as well as discuss the
duct work I thought was impossible.
Stephen, he thinks like me,
"There is no such thing as can't be done"
We discussed, looked in the attic, 
looked at the addition roof and the little
room there was to get in there
and said,
"I think we can do this"
Music to my ears!
He explained he had to discuss it with Chad,
he had to get their smaller employee, Smokey to
crawl in that space, but he had a feeling it 
could and would be done.
It was their busiest season, putting in generators
before hurricane season.
fixing a/c and replacing them during the 
hottest part of the year.
I was in no hurry just needed to know about how
much the endeavor would cost.
This is how I became to know Lauren,
their secretary, never met her in person,
but her and I had many conversations of my home.
She reassured me that Chad would come out there
but Stephen said it could be done and she
had no doubt he knew what he was talking about.
I called probably weekly to find out when my ducts
could be done, again I was in no hurry but I didn't
want them to forget me.
Lauren, the secretary and I spent many
weeks talking. She is exceptional and
always friendly to the point where I called
her so much that when she was able to get me a price
for the duct work I sent her flowers for being awesome.
So last week, I call Robertsons and Lauren answers:
"Good morning Ms. Lilly"
Yep, she knows my number by
but really my name comes up on their phone...
the answer on this day was different,
"You know what? Chad is in school this week
but I think the other guys might be able to do it today
and that they did, they came that day,
Stephen and my new pal, Smokey.
Smokey is the smallest who will be 
the crawler into the small space to cut these ducts.
They promise to come back the next morning
with the things they need.
They joke that they expect breakfast,
I promise they will have breakfast and that they had.
Smokey was so hesitant, said he is not usually the one
to do this part, afraid he may go through my older ceiling.
I assure him,
"Listen Smokey, I have confidence you can do it,
Stephen has been waiting for you because you
are the smallest one who can get up there 
and he has confidence in you"
They eat breakfast and they begin.
Just as planned, when Stephen told me months
before, "There is no such thing as 'Can't"
I have air.
But more than air, I have what I feel are new friends,
The were professional, they did this job
without Chad having come look at the job
as he was out of town for school.
I made them all do the happy dance
and I have central air throughout my home!
Kudo's to Stephen, Smokey, Lauren
and Chad who owns the company.
Chad, I never met you but you have an
exceptional group of people working for you,
a group that you can trust to keep your business
running on those times you are so busy
or out at school to better your business.
These guys will forever be my generator, A/C people!

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