Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Bare with me as I put this out there and then let it be....
Each year, if you are a cancer survivor,
no matter how long ago your cancer was,
you worry until the results are in....
Thank goodness, one more year with no 
evidence of cancer! Yeah I have some issues
related to treatments way back when but
I am 52 years old and as of this year,
 a survivor of 47 years!
Blessed is what I am.
Not many out there who had cancer in 1968
can not only say they still here but
to be living a good life.
Few scares this year, but not knowing,
as I have said sooo many times before is the
biggest fear. I can live with all other issues.
Thanks to the Big Man for another year
to love, laugh, live, my grand girls, my kiddo's 
my family and all my dear friends,
And now that is all I am going to say about that!
Until next year
Thanks to all for prayers and good thoughts.
I appreciate each of you!

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