Wednesday, January 27, 2016

OUR KD, an Rn WITH A License!!!

I try not to speak much of the younger Riera family.
Yet, most who know me, know my sweet daughter in law
Kd, not only has three little girls in just 4 years,
she has been hard at work first changing her LPN 
status to an RN status over the internet college course.
It was grueling and many of us helped her with the babies
while she studied. She was well Preggo with Smalls,
when she took her more than stressful clinical weekend.
We all celebrated that pass because in our eyes,
she was now an RN. Yet, if you know about nursing,
there is always that dreaded test with and for the State....
So each day, when she could get help with her girls,
or when Baby boy was home, she cracked those books.
On Monday she finally felt ready to take the "dreaded" nursing test.
Last hurtle to get her dream. 
Few people pass this exam on their first try and having
been a full time Mommy for some time and having worked
little in the hospital, her studies were harder than most.
She left that testing site and psyched herself out telling
us all she had failed and she was ok with it because
now she knew how the test was formulated.
Baby Boy, always so proud of his little family
and his partner in marriage and parenting, Kd.
I explained to him that those tests, are hard to read
because every answer could be right, you have to pick
best answer and that makes it a very hard test.
I Know they both were not bummed and had set their
sites on studying for another 45 days when she could take it again.
YEt, I had a good feeling that she had passed.
This sweet girl who I call my daughter in law,
gave it her all and I just felt like she knew her stuff.
Last night, laying in bed, READING OF COURSE,
I first get a picture text from Kd showing a 
picture of her license. Baby boy had left yesterday morning
for work and his text read,
"She passed!" Funny that a text can give you the emotion
your BB is feeling. I have been proud of this girl many, many times
since I have known her, none more than when she and BB
blessed us with those three sweet grand girls.
But this feat was one she made her goal.
I am so very proud of this child.
Yes, child, because when she married my son,
she became one of my children.
Kd, I love you, soon much! I love you with or 
without a nursing license but I am thrilled for you
because it was your dream since a little girls to be an RN and
now, at your young age, it is all behind you now! 
Wait when those big checks come in!!!
You are so caring, so nurturing, and yet down to Earth
and not afraid to put your foot down to discipline those
three girls of yours when needed.
You are so loving and I know that will be carried on to your patients,
lucky people! 
Even without all of this, I would still love you as my own!
It takes a village to raise a child,
like my Tiffy reminded me last night,
it also took a village to make Kd's testing a reality.
You are sooo much more than just a daughter in law to me
and I will forever love you as mine! 
Frank and Cathy, thanks for not only raising such a wonderful 
daughter who is now an RN WITH A LICENSE
As I have often said,
"I could not have hand picked a wife, or Mother for 
my grand girls better than Baby boy did.
Once again, Love you, Lil Momma!

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