Monday, January 18, 2016

So hard to blog these days....

Feel like a stranger to my own blog.
I have written here since the year of 2007.
Since that time, I had two people who followed
me silently and although they rarely if ever
posted on the wall, they sent me private messages
via Facebook often commenting on the blog or
how much they like something I wrote or
nudging me when I had not blogged in a few days.
Those two people are no longer on the Earth,
my dear cousin Fay and my dear friend,
Donna Kiffe. So what to do?
Do I start a brand new blog
or do I try to get over my block?
I only know one thing for sure,
I miss these two women and the 
relationships we had in the past and
the relationships we had via the cyber World.
To my followers, I will try and get this
blog up and going again.
Thanks for being so patient.
Love to all! 

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