Saturday, January 23, 2016


Each time I walk into my cottage, I say to myself
(Unless Tiffany is with me, then I say it aloud)
after a big whiff,
"MMMM it smells like an old church in here.
and it does..Two smells I love, the smell
of a library and the smell of a church.
So needless to say its another reason why I love
my cottage. This afternoon, after 4pm  play practice
I came home and the cottage was nice and toast,
miss my fireplace because I have had to have it
repaired and waiting for parts,
but anywayyyyy,
I walked in and said to myself,
"Smells like an old church"
I put my pj's on and started watching TV
not something I do a lot.
The darkness came and got colder.
I then came with a flood of memories,
Little girl in her PJ's making a bed
on the floor of her Mommy and Daddy's room.
Then another memory floods,
going to church on Saturday nights on cold winter
evenings. While at church, stained glass looks 
very different when the darkness from outside
shines through into church.
I remember many Saturday evenings,
laying my head on my Mommy's lap
and playing with her heavily veined hands 
and I realize, it is not just the smell of an old
church that gives me a feeling of "home"
when I open the door of the cottage,
but the memories that come along with all the Saturday
night masses I attended as a child, laying on
my Mommy's lap...
Walking in the same church I sat in as a child,
as my Mom gave me away 1984!


  1. Now that makes more sense. It's the memories the smell brings about that lets you know you are "home." Those warm feelings of yesterday are transmitted through time to today each time you walk into that beautiful cottage!! <3