Saturday, January 23, 2016


I am speaking out today on Abortion.
Each morning I read an online news site
called THE STIR.
It is meant for young women but I just love
their topics, this morning,
It was about stories of women who have
had abortions. Now I am not a prude,
nor am I unknowing of sometimes the only answer
is an abortion because of health reasons for the mom
or the baby. Yet, these 12 stories were from women
with not such issues, they made their decisions
as they explain in their short stories because
either they were too young, their other half boyfriend,
encouraged it, or having a baby would mess up their plans.
I am not one to judge and even in this post,
although I guess I am judging, I support my beliefs,
the reasons these women had abortions were each
out of selfishness. I am such an advocate of giving
for adoption. Would it have been so hard to have the baby
and give it up to a family who has been praying for
a baby for years, for those women and men who
want a baby so bad that they would sell organ parts
if it meant they could have a baby.
Yes, if you are sickly or the baby is sickly,
go ahead and have a healthy abortion.
I admire those women you hear of who are diagnosed
with cancer yet, prolong their treatment until after
the baby is born. That is true love.
So I am for everyone having their rights....
except I guess when it comes to abortion.
To think of all these babies, that are healthy and would 
be a perfect baby of those who are not as fortunate and it
makes me sad.
I look at my three grand girls and I think of my 
gypsy baby and Kayshara-shara and the
babies they hope to have one day 
and I just can't imaging if abortion had been chosen over 
having them. I watch my BB and our KD,
with the last two babies being only 14 months apart
and how hard it can be but how much they so love
those little girls and I can't imagine a life without them.
Once again, I will get off my soap box, but if you find 
yourself in the predicament of being pregnant and not knowing what
to do, think adoption. Yes you will have to do the hard thing,
tell your parents, you baby daddy and his family,
but you can bring such joy to so many families who are waiting
for the baby you are choosing to do away with.

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  1. Your grand babies are beautiful!!! I would have given anything to save my baby that I lost, anything. I know we all go through different things in life. Babies are a true fm gift from God!