Friday, January 3, 2014

Awesome Teen!

This gal right here? Yep it's TEdi-Girl.
Don't let the strawberry blonde locks fool you.
She is my great niece, my godchild, and sometimes my hero.
She does these random acts of kindness,
she provokes others to want to do the same.
There are many teens out there.
Many awesome teens in my world.
There are two that stand out in my eyes right now.
One is my Hughbee, Rebecca and Miki's oldest.
The other, the one I speak of today is my TEdi-girl.
We often hear of the wrongs of our youth in this world
rarely of the good. So today, with her permission,
I share a wonderful story.
A few days ago, she and her Mommy were at Walmart.
As they shopped the aisles, she excitedly says to her Mom,
"Stay here, wait for me, I will be right back"
Her Mom waited and watched as her child went down
the aisle to a blonde headed woman, hugged her, shared
a few words, hugged her again and turned around
to meet her Mommy where she waited.
Her Mommy, thinking this woman is the Mother of 
a friend, asks her TEdi-girl who that woman was.
TEdi-girl's. answer:
" I don't know her but I saw she was crying so I thought
she could use a hug and I told her it would be alright"
that's it, the end, a simple random act of kindness
that makes me want to do more of the same.
Inspired by this child, yesterday I am at our Plaq. Walmart.
I see an elderly couple walking the woman pushing the
basket, the man with his arm around her shoulders.
I have the courage, because of TEdi-girl,
to ask if I can be nosy.
They both smile and say yes.
I ask how many years they have been married.
I proceed to tell them that I admire their love for each other
and that  I am about to hit my 30 year anniversary,
that I hope in 12 years, I love the way they love, 
that after 42 years, they still show affection.
The sprite little man shares,
"Well, I kind of have to hold her because I am
legally blind, but even if I were not, I would hold on to her
and follow wherever she goes. I love this woman."
So lets all use this new year, 2014 for random acts of kindness.
Why? Just because.
As I know TEdi-girls actions changed that woman's mood that
day in Walmart, I know my act put a smile on an elderly couples face.


  1. We love Tedi!!! She is a sweetheart!!!

  2. Yes Tedi-Girl is a very special person. I believe that God put this child on this earth to do something special. What that special something remains to be seen but she will know when the time comes. She's a very loving teen, I know because she is my first grandchild and we love her very much. Tedi, finish high school next year and then go out into the world and seek that special something you were born to discover. We love you, Granny and Pop

  3. Uncle ronnie loves you girl, cant wait till 18th birthday, Tatoo and bourbon street.