Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Sometimes I will talk to my kiddies about things
I write on the blog. I usually start the conversation with,
"Did you read the blog today?"
Both get just a tad flustered each time and say,
"Mom, I don't read your blog"
I bet on those days they wish they had lied.
Because now I have to go into a detailed long story
on what I wrote about….
They roll their eyes…. most times.
Or they cut me off, or they listen…sometimes
but less often. Yet I watch them as adults and
I see so much of me in them when they let me.
I hear Baby Boy talking to the painter of his new
home as I walk around and beam with pride of
the home he and KD are building.
He says a lot to the painter. More than necessary.
He explains how his wife works nights and they
have a little girl so it would be hard for him to paint the home.
He is proud of his little family, throws them in his
conversations every chance he gets.
He may not even notice he does this and yet,
I smile because that is something I would do.
I watch him with his little girl, our Bean and
I see a lot of me there. His gentleness when brushing 
her hair,making her ponytails. He sometimes speaks
of how I had to brush gypsy baby's hair each morning
long after necessary. I joke with him one morning
before we knew they wete having a Jolee' and 
he was fixing Bean's hair,
"I bet you wishing for a boy so you don't have to do 
His answer, with brush in hand and rubber band in mouth,
"I like doing ponytails"
Well that definitely didn't come from his Daddy genes.
A boy who is so much like his daddy has much of his
mommy in him also. I am proud.
Then there is my gypsy baby. 
More like me as she matures.
She calls me yesterday to say one of her customers
had the name Minta and she had to explain how
that was her grandmothers name and her cousin.
The customer was surprised saying she had never met another
with the name. I would do that…
She also shared last week that with her job, she 
finds herself with extra time to get to know her customers.
Loves talking to them and finding out about their lives.
She adds, "I am turning in to you."
Dont' know if she is happy about that but I sure am.
Because I know long after I am gone, I will live on.
I will live in the mind and hearts of my children
and I will live in the Bean who shares a love
for all things mini, for arts and crafts, 
for being together.
Yes, my kids don't read this, but it's okay,
I have made my mark in their lives, 
I have made my mark in their hearts.

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