Monday, January 6, 2014


Which brings me to today's post.
On my way back from DTB,
I listened to my famous Sirius XM 
talk radio to be exact. A discussion was going on
about people being kept alive on ventilators and
the rights of the hospital, patient and families.
The first case is one I have been following.
A thirteen year old girl, goes in last Christmas season
for a tonsillectomy. A simple, one day surgery.
However, there is a reason why consent are very detailed
and necessary. There is no such thing as a "simple surgery".
In this beautiful child's case she looses too much blood
and looses all body functions causing lack of oxygen
to those same vital organs. CPR is performed and she is 
placed on a ventilator. In the last year her condition has
done nothing but decline and although the hospital and
a few doctors have pronounced her brain dead, her
parents refuse to believe this, having faith that a miracle
will take place. My nursing experience tells me that
after a year, with a flat EEG, the only miracle this child
would be granted is a trip to her Heavenly Father.
Yeah, it sucks and I feel for the parents but I side
with the courts on this one.
A few days before Christmas a judge proclaimed
she is already dead and will be pulled off the plug 
some date in January. the courts have even produced a 
death certificate with the date the "plug will be pulled"
The family continues to appeal to keep her on tube feedings 
and life support. Poor family. On this case, I side with the courts.
If she is alive as the parents say she is, then when the vent is
disabled, she will continue to breath.
She deserved to die in decency not after years of withering away
in a hospital bed. I do feel so darn sad for the parents and if
in their shoes I know it would be hard, but I would not continue.

The next story is more heart wrenching and a harder decision to be made.
Since November of 2013, this pregnant Mother from Texas 
has been on life support after sustaining some type of blood clot
causing her to have oxygen deprivation.
Both she and her husband, being paramedics,
 have made their wishes be known:
"No life support if EEG shows brain death and no quality of life
will ever be."
There is a glitch in the Texas law.
You see she is 18 weeks pregnant for their second child.
and TX law states that when  mother is pregnant that said
mother will be kept alive until the time comes that the
baby is viable to sustain life. OOH, this one is complicated.
Basically she is an incubator for the sweet baby.
Would her wishes be different if she could awaken and know that
her baby will also die if pulled from life support now.
Her husband and her family are challenging the Texas courts.
They have valid points.
1) Because of lack of oxygen to the Mother, the fetus was also.
There is chance this child may be born with many medical needs.
The father would rather not have this burden as a single parent.
2) Would she want to be kept alive if it meant her baby 
would be healthy?
3) Should the law override a living will and if so, why
have them?
I am on the fence with this one.
No one has the right to choose for another their last wishes
but what about this baby? Doesn't it have a right to a chance at life?
I will follow/pray/think of this one until the decision is made.
In my heart, I am kind of hoping the child is brought into the
world to live with his/her family as a reminder of the beautiful 
Mother and what she did to save her/him.


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  2. Very thought provoking and heart wrenching; Lil. God bless those families and those innocent babies.