Monday, January 13, 2014


HOBL has decided over the last few months
that we should see our children enjoy things 
with his earned money rather than saving it until we die.
This is a big deal when it comes to HOBL.
When he first said this, I really didn't believe he
would go through with it.
For years, I had been saying,
"Wouldn't you rather see the kiddo's enjoy the money
while we are alive"
I don't know what sparked his change in heart but
he and BABY BOY went on a hunting trip in Texas
bringing back 4 deer that is now part of our freezer.
He told gypsy and I to plan a trip to Harry Potter and Disney.
We leave on the 16th, just days away and we are soooo
excited and appreciative. Neither of us would be able to do
this without his help. Which brings me to the title of 
this blog. Yesterday, he and I are driving to go see
the new Riera home and he asks where are gypsy and I
planning to go next year for our vacation.
I explain that we are thinking New York and how
much I would love to take TEdi-girl because she is
graduating and want to do something very special for her.
Then HOBL pipes up, 
"I will pay her way, she has always been so sweet to me,
always paid attention to me and she is a good girl"
I am so proud of him, so excited for her.
I insist we call her right now. She has had some
rough few months, my Tedi-girl and this I know will
make her day, her week, possibly her year.
We call her on the car speaker because I want HOBL
to be the one to tell her.
I am so happy she answers on the very first few rings.
HOBL tells her his surprise and why he has decided to 
do this for her. I believe at first she is in shock!
Then the excitement comes and she must say thank you to
her Uncle Ronnie about 10 times.
I am so excited for her, for us,
She, gypsy baby, and I in New York, it will never be the same.
We text many times over the course of the evening.
Her Mom and her Granny text how excited she is, beaming
and I am so proud that HOBL can give her this.
Tedi-girl, she loves, loves, loves the CAkE BOSS.
I tell her we going to go and she about flips.
I love it when a person gets as excited as I about something.
Thank you HOBL, none of us could go there without you
helping us. You should be very proud of the happiness 
you have brought to one little girl,
well three little girls to be exact!

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  1. Its the prozac that help me quit being a penny pincher