Saturday, January 11, 2014


Be patient while I set up this scenario.
I want to see the new movie with Meryl Streep 
and Julia Roberts. I can't even remember the name,
it is not important. What is important is that
it was only playing at the Cinemark theater at Perkins Rowe
and I was right on time to buy a ticket.
What else is important is that I didn't expect it
to be sold out. I am left there with a half hour
to spare before the second movie I chose to see,
(which by the way is very good!)
I decide to wait outside for a bit because
something is happening out there and being the
nosy person I am, I have to see.
People, about 150 of them are lining up on either side
of the theater exit door. There is a three piece band
there and there is a camera man there.
I try and think what is going on in BR today.
I had heard on the radio of a modeling casting in
town so I tap a woman on the shoulder, and
ask if this is for a modeling cast.
Then she fills me in.
"No, my nephew is in there right now
on a date with his girlfriend. The theater
is going to show a trailer that my nephew made
asking his girlfriend to marry him. Once that
happens she will walk out here and we will
surprise her. He has a whole afternoon planned that she
knows nothing about."
My first reaction was, I hope she says yes.
"Oh she is going to say yes"
Now I could just about cry right here.
I almost want to get in the line.
Instead i stand aside and get my camera ready.
Here is comes, she is beaming, she has tears in her eyes,
but she is also in shock for all the people here for them.
I am crying, literally crying and I know none of these people.
I take a few pictures, in one the girl is looking right
at me. She must be thinking I am his part of the family.
The band is playing their song, they dance as
people she loves comes to congratulate,
who I presume to be her sister places a crown of
flowers on her head matching hers.
Behind me, as I am watching I hear the guy
who seems to be the orchestrator of this say into his 
phone, "She is hear, they are hear, we ready for you"
Their dance is finished and the wait on the curb
for something, I am not sure what.
Neither is she.

She is shaking at times, hugging him at others.
She has no clue what is coming next.
I am across the street waiting with the
rest of them.
A car pulls up, I believe her dad is driving.
He gets out and she runs into his arms they
kiss and cry, he puts her into the back seat.
He hugs the now fiancé'
gets into the drivers seat and whisks the girl away.
Fiance' does not go with her.
Only my imagination tells me what happens next
as a separate car picks him up and he is gone,
the crown dissipates and I am there left with the
aftermath of what i just witnessed.
I am so pumped that i was there,
who does these kinds of things in today's world.
Where do you find a guy like this.
I hope someone reads this who can fill in all
the holes in my beautiful story.
As I share this with my bestie Laurie last night
on my ride home, she says,
"Only you would this happen to"
I am glad it is only me!

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