Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Loss of a Real angel on Earth, a Nurse...

I was so saddened, as I prepared a card and a letter
to send to a fellow school nurse, Mitzi,
to find out she had passed away.
Her dear child, Elizabeth was compiling pictures
and stories about her Mom to put together so her
Mom could have it to enjoy.
God had other plans as he took this wonderful woman
that very day. I am sad and yet, I think my Mommy was 
there to greet an ol' Golden Meadow gal.
I think of her Mommy who moved into the Manor 
a few weeks before Mommy died, Ms. Alza, a lovely little 
woman who never has an unkind word leave her mouth.
Mitzi was like that, I never heard her speak over a little louder
than a whisper. I knew her in many aspect, many.
Growing up I would see her in church.
As my Baby Boy grew up, we would see her whenever
there was a gathering for her niece, Katie Ledet
who was BB's age. My last, most recent meetings with 
Mitzi was via school nursing. 
Mitzi was a leader in that regards. An RN who was
high on the totem pole when it came to us school nurses.
I have to admit that sometimes we all would
show frustration on the way a certain nursing procedure
had to be done. Seemed too much when a shorter
way was just as good. Then, Mitzi would stand
in front of us all, in her soft spoken voice and
remind us that not only was the way it was to be done
was the "legal" way as she always did her homework before
presenting to us, but it was 
"The children we did this for"
When put that way, we all succumbed.
Because no one, and I mean none of us
loved those children more than Mitzi, none followed
all the laws more closely than Mitzi because it was what was best 
for each child. Mitzi loved every child in our Lafourch Parish
school systems but we all knew, nothing, nothing, nothing
was more important than her dear family.
I remember a few years ago, being in the hospital and
running into Mitzi as she was caring for her Uncle who had
cancer. She explained how he had no family except for 
his nieces to care for him. She cared for all her elderly 
family members. A loving woman, a gracious woman.
When her sister Flo, was diagnosed with cancer a few months
before her, she did all to help, to pray. Her dear
sister, Flo, another angel on Earth loved
her baby sister the way my sisters love me.
I know Flo, still fighting her own Cancer is
heart broken and yet, to know that Mitzi
is there, making a place in Heaven worthy of them
all is how Flo will accept this. Once Flo went
into an amazing remission, came Mitzi's diagnosis
of cancer.
 So not fair, but to know Mitzi
is to know acceptance. she accepted in her loving way,
did the things needed to try and give it her best fight
and when told that it was time for hospice, 
she accepted that also with grace. Surrounded herself
with those she loved the most, her family.
My thoughts and love to Mitzi and her wonderful family.
Her sweet Momma, Ms. Alza will be heartbroken but she,
so much like her daughters, will accept and continue
on until her time on Earth is complete.


  1. Beautifully said Lilly

  2. you

  3. Amen Lil! Such beautiful and fitting words for Mitzi! She will always be remembered and admired!

  4. I printed this out and will give it to Ms. Alza when I see her. I know she will love that you did this.