Monday, February 3, 2014


Lately I have had some sort of 
Nothing seems worthy to the blog.
I have written them and then when rereading,
just didn't feel they were good enough.
Today, i decide regardless of what I think,
I am going to post whatever I write.
I download my pictures from my phone in hopes
of finding something to spark a writing.
I then realize my life is sometimes like one
big Consumer report.
I swear I should be a salesperson,
Like my dad used to say about my Brod-in-law, CJ:
"That man could sell a pair of shoes to a man with no feet"
For instance, I look at my instagram posts and
realize maybe none of this is blog worthy but it is
what I seem to be posting so here it is…

 If you are someone who journals, then you probably have
heard of SMASH books by C and company.
Their prices usually begin around 15 dollars,
right now, at TJ maxx you can pick some up for 5.99!
all kinds and all sizes… a super deal, so that I picked a few,
they make great gifts!
I receive this catalog in the mail and although I have never
ordered from it, it has much that I love.
I send it to KD because she is beginning to think about deco.
for the new house…
These recliners…drool….
wish I needed new recliners because these would be marked.
 When I clean house I have so many ideas through my head,
yesterday, I begin to drink my weight loss chocolate shake
and have to post this,
Equate weight loss shakes, in my favorite A&W mug
I bought at a thrift store…
It is the best tasting shake I have tried,
in an iced mug, with my Mommy's favorite root beer logo
on it… everything to love.
So if you are looking for one of those protein shakes
this brand is not only cheap but very good tasting.
EQUATE is the BRand,
I buy it at Wally World.
 My last consumer report is the best…
Trying to download my video so I don't have to explain the
whole thing… but because it does not want to download…
My great neighbor, Linda, called me over a few months
ago to check out her QVC mop…
I swooned at the spinners the bucket had and the short 
stands on the mop heads. Of course, I wanted  needed
that but I am not in to "delayed gratification"
so at my next visit to WAllyWorld, had to take a look
and there it was, one very similar to LInda's but 30 dollars cheaper.
IT lacked on spinner in the water but the top spinner was the one 
I needed.
OMG! you will never have to touch dirty mop water
again. You place the mop head in the top spinner
press a foot pedal and it wrings your mop.
Unlike all other mops, to change the mop head is simple
pop it in and out, get an extra one so that you can
always have one in the washer and one on your mop.
It has been the most advanced thing about mopping since
I don't know….
Yes, I think I could get a job for consumer reports…
Lilly Riera, signing out.

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