Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Oh my HOBL….
He and ladders, together, should be banned.
Two days ago, while pressure washing the house,
he once again, fell off the ladder.
How far he fell is unknown as I was scrapping and
he was outside. We estimate any where between 8 and 12 feet.
How he dragged himself in the house I don't know.
When he called for me he was on the sofa,
in shock and screaming in pain. 
Had to call 911 and Iberville Parish,
well you guys did a phenomenal job as within minutes
they were here. 
He is banged up pretty bad, a broken rib and
many bruises, muscle spasm issues. He is
totally under my beck and call.
Only two years since he fell and broke his back,
thankfully, it seems that the back is still as stable 
as when it healed. The doc. had said if he let it
heal on its own it would be more solid than before.
It is hard to see HOBL like this as he is a man
who is rarely sick. He is in a lot of pain and like
all addicts, the pain medicine game is one that is tricky.
So, I am truly his nurse, "passing meds."
Rubbing him down, pouring Jacuzzi baths, etc.
Again, I say, it is hard to see a man down.
No Alaska for him tomorrow, poor HOBL.
Prayers would be appreciated as this is one lucky man.
Hard not to think what could have been…
paralysis, death, he is a lucky man.
I am glad to do for him, trying to keep my patience.
I know he is grateful as he has thanked me a few times.
Another test, another chapter in this story called

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  1. Praying, praying, praying for Ronnie and for you!!!