Wednesday, February 12, 2014

following a wonderful weekend...

I had the best ever weekend DTB but boy I miss
my Bean!
 I mean look at this picture.. who would not
miss that sly smile, going get her at school today!
 Saturday, amongst all the people I visited over the weekend
the most rewarding was the party we gave our 95 year old
Uncle Luke. The Collins gals missed his party because
of a late season hurricane threat so we surprised him
with lunch and a long visit. 
Two of his kiddo's, Chris and Elizabeth also came for the day.
My Mommy's only brother, full of stories for us and
a few times, as he spoke he became choked up.
I think seeing us all, brought back many memories of his
baby sister and his best friend who was my daddy.
I would not trade this day for any amount of money in the world!

But today, this afternoon, I miss my Bean
so gunna be a Mumsie/Bean afternoon,
I mean like who can't miss this little sprite!
Always up for an adventure with the Mumsie...

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