Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mindy, sweet, sweet Mindy

We all, when raising our children,
think they are special. We want the world to see what
we see and yet, to us they are special but to the
World, there are many like them.
Then there is that one child, that one who grows up
with your own and you just know something is
different about them. You love and would never
trade your babies but there is that one 
child in their circle of friends that you wish would
rub off on your own.
I speak this morning about one of those dear ones, Mindy Guidry.
She and Baby boy, being the same age, grew up together.
Wherever baby boy's life took him, 
there were small smidgens's of Mindy.
She was the child who was always happy,
always happy. Bubbly, in your face, happy.
Baby boy being a boy, I don't think understood where
a girl gets all this energy, so much emotions.
She had no enemies and if you didn't like her,
well, to Mindy it didn't matter because she was
going to make you her friend through "in your face"
kindness. To know her is to love her.
She was born like this, remains with the same qualities.
Yet, I was the kind of Mommy that watched lil Mindy.
Was she every unhappy? You would never know it.
I am sure to live the life Mindy did, she must have had
times when life was not so easy and yet, you would 
never know by her face. I watched this child grow up
and then in adulthood, kind of lost tract for a tad.
Then through a tragedy I was back in touch with her.
Robert died and she again came into my life.
She was a bestie to Ash who was Rob's girlfriend at the 
time of his death and Mindy was working in the mall.
One day she pulls me aside to explain just how
BB would call Ash every few weeks after Rob's death
to check to see how she was.
You see, this is Mindy.
She is such a special young woman but no emphasis on
her as she explains to me something wonderful about
my own son that I would not have known if it were
not for Mindy sharing this with me.
She is that kind of person. The one who focuses
in on others instead of having the focus on her.
She is now a kindergarten teacher and I remain
mesmerized by this child, this woman.
She is truly one of a kind and I am so thankful that
I, with the help of social media, can see all happening in her life.
I followed as she fell in love with a most special man,
(who I wonder if he understands the gem he has found)
I followed as she loved and bragged about her sister's
children, being the godmother to all three.
I marveled at the home she and her love bought together
on the bayou side and all the wonders they have done
to the home. I wondered when this man would
ask this gal to marry him. Just a few weeks ago, he
pulled off one of the most beautiful engagements,
asking for her hand after a race they had prepared for.
Mr. Haney, you are one lucky man, for if this girl
continues to live her life on the path she has always
followed you will always be loved, always be told
just how special you are.
If you are lucky enough to have children and raise
a family with Mindy, you will have hit the jackpot, the lottery.
Now I find she also has a love for scrapping and scraps
with some of my own pals, Ash and Vera!
Now that girl plans a wedding, I am so darn happy for her
as well as being such a small part of her most awesome life.
Many, upon meeting Mindy may think that girl has to be fake.
There is no way a woman can be this happy, this silly,
this awesome all the time.
I am here to tell you, it is true. For her whole entire life,
she has exuded this happiness this "Never grow up"
Peter Pan life and I want to be just like her, 
when I grow up, that is!
Mindy you keep living, you keep dancing, you keep making 
the world a better place when most are just trying
to mess it up. I have followed you since you were
5 years old, and you have always had something special
in you. I am sure even your parents realize that
you are something special and watch you in awe, in 
honor, so proud that you call them yours.
Those godchildren of yours, the luckiest kiddo's in the world
just as each child you teach.
You plan the wedding of your dreams, I will be happy
for any small part I can help with,
even if it is to just look for old fashioned view masters…
Mr. Haney, smart, smart man when you put a ring
on that finger! Love you, Min….


  1. Happy happy happy!!!

  2. You have no idea how much this blog post means to me, Ms. Lil. I am so touched by your kind words. I must have read this post a million times, and I will probably read it a million more. I wish that words could express how thankful I am for this beautiful gift! Thank you so, so, so much. Love you, too! :)

  3. You have me crying!!! Being Mindy's aunt, I've always felt blessed to have her in my life (as I do about all of my nieces and nephews), but to hear how someone that isn't even related feels about her and all of the wonderful things you've said about her touches my heart. I believe that anyone that has been touched by Mindy's kindness will never forget her. I'm pretty sure Rob knows how lucky he is to have Mindy, and Mindy (and all of us too) is very lucky to have him in her life. Thank you for sharing how awesome our girl is...and for making me cry :))))

  4. AWHH Shannon, I don't write anything I don't mean as well as I think long and hard about what exactly what I want to say. You are like me, very close to your nieces and nephews. I am so proud of Mindy but have always watched her even since she was a little girl. She stood out because she was so different from the average child. She was sent here to teach us all many lessons. I have always had a special place for her in my heart, figured it was time to let her know.