Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last Tuesday on my Movie day I saw
It was full of an all-star cast,
Matt Damon
Bill Murray
John Goodman
George Clooney
the John Goodman is what got me choosing this movie.
I love him ever since the Rosanne days.
I was not sure what to expect but loved it.
Set during the second World War and based
on a true story, a group of common men,
all knowing much about the great works of art
that had been stolen by the Nazi's, IE Hitler,
said yes to the call of training and going into war
to recover the many famous paintings that had been
stolen. Bravery, right?
To go into war without really the knowledge of war
for artwork. Blood is shed, men die.
Later on Sirius XM talk radio I hear a
conversation with George Clooney and the
other actors about the movie, why they decided to do it.
Clooney brings up the bravery of these men all for the name
of art. He speaks of the fishermen who after not 
catching a thing in their nets that day go ashore
and God tells them, "Go back out" they know
nothing is out there and yet, they listen to the call.
They go out only to find their nets filled to the brim.
In some ways the MONUMENTS MEN reminds me
of that Bible parable. Some died all so that we could appreciate
the arts. When looking at it in that light, the movie
took a new life and I would rate it a 4 out of 5.
See it if you have the chance.

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