Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So proud of the long weekend I spent on the Bayou,
my home towns. Yet, I have to put that post on hold…
You see, February 9th will forever be one of the most
important days in the Riera lives.
Ten years ago, on this very February 9th, Baby boy
called his daddy and begged for help to end the hell he
had been living. He started his life of sobriety and since
then has made such a beautiful life.
I am at my bestie, Laurie's house when I check Facebook to
find two women who love Baby boy the most posting
how proud they are of him:

Today marks a decade of my husbands sobriety! Words cannot express just how proud and thankful I am for your DAILY decision & commitment to be sober! You are simply amazing! Jillian, JoLee, & I love & adore you more than you'll ever be able to comprehend! Congratulations on such an amazingly challenging milestone/accomplishment! — with Roddie Riera.
To be loved like above by your wife, a truly amazing thing. I often say, I could not have picked a wife for him better than he did. KD was not there when he first sobered so she knows only the stories we tell of the BB he was then. Yet, she understands what a big accomplishment he made when he 
chose sobriety. I am touched by her writing, I love this child.
But it is gypsy baby's post that has me crying, so that I cannot read her post
aloud to my bestie:

Us parents, we raise our children in hopes that we do enough
to teach them how important family is. I tried my best to always
have BB and Gypsy be close, have each others back.
So when you read something like this, it takes your breath away.
I cried, I cried because I know when my life here is over,
when my children make arrangements to bury my body,
they will hopefully have each other.
For that I am so, so, so very proud.
HOBL and I, we have done lots wrong but in the case
of the babies and their relationship with each other,
we have done something very, very right.
Gypsy baby, she rarely talks openly in social media about her
life so for her to post this to her brother, well it's a big feat.
In so many ways, so many ways, she is the real hero, the
silent hero in the story of Baby Boy's sobriety.
I am so proud of both of these Riera kids
but Gypsy, well she is my baby girl and I am so very proud of 
what she is, what she stands for, what she still has in her
future to become. I know she would say I am her "Rock" but
really, it is she who is mine,
Congrats Baby boy, for 10 years sobriety, forever, forever
I will be grateful for the life you chose, the one that is clean, the one
that is drug free,
and you Gypsy… well, no words, none can explain what I feel for you.
My life would suck without you in it
Love, Momma

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